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Zoom Coming To Facebook Portal Amazon Echo Show & Google Hub Max


Today I have extremely surprising news for you guys. Zoom says it is adding support for the amazon echo show facebook portal and google nest hub max later. This year so now essentially you will be able to zoom on any of these smart hub platforms quoting. Each of the three solutions will implement zoom a little differently facebook’s portal devices will be adding a zoom app. Which will rely on facebook’s smart camera technology to automatically…Keep you in the frame just like it does for facebook’s messenger. And Whatsapp calls google, but, will be relying on the strength of its calendar. And assistance services which will be able to automatically pull in existing zoom meetings directly. From your calendar and allow users to start meetings with voice commands like hey you know.

What join my next meeting, unfortunately, the fact that google limits nest hubs to a single account. Means that it’ll be less useful for juggling work and personal zoom meetings Alexa customers will also get a similar experience. Echo show devices that have synced with your calendar will be able to automatically. Star meetings without requiring users to manually input a meeting id or password. And it’ll support Alexa’s voice controls amazon’s rollout will start later this year beginning with the echo show.

It’s a big expansion for a zoom which has recently started to branch out into its licensed video. Conferencing hardware and smart displays with their high-quality directional microphones. And built-in touch screens are practically designed to be good video conferencing devices. The new zoom integration is a big deal for google amazon and Facebook too given that all three of these companies have almost exclusively stuck.


To their own in-house video chatting solutions like google meet and Facebook messenger on their smart displays. The portal will be the first to get zoom with a rollout planned for this September. End quote that’s why I said I will surprise you guys by this news. It is a great deal for zoom these devices are friggin custom made for meetings. And for zoom to be on every platform under the sun that’s undoubtedly awesome for them. But why would Google and Facebook especially want to seed the video conferencing field…

To zoom I mean this is doing that right this ensures that zoom becomes the brand name. For video calls right everyone will just be saying hey zoom. The same way that band-aid and kleenex and google are brand names synonymous. With products or activities right why would the other guys allow. This doesn’t google want its google meet standard to win those annoying pop-ups in the Gmail. Certainly seem to suggest they do as for Facebook they’re basically.

Throwing the barn doors wide open because they also announced that the Facebook portal would be getting native support. For be blue jeans and go to meeting alongside with app. But then again maybe all that matters to Facebook is getting inside your house to begin slurping up all that personal data.

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