USA Election 2020

Why Donald J trump won’t win the next elections 2020?

Are you looking for some reason why the current US president Donald J Trump will not win the 2020 election? Well, here are some ideas that you can consider.

1. All the Americas have made up their mind, and the numbers are going down

As the per the recent data, the net approval rating of Donald Trump is about -8.5 percentage. However, another report has stated that the rating is -10. There is a 52 per cent disapprove, 43 per cent approve and 4 per cent of the public has not given any review. This was something which was first obtained in March 2017. However, Trump has not able to achieve a good rating. It seems that people know the reasons.

2. Trump’s state numbers are bad

President Donald Trump

The Morning Consult has marked Trump’s net approval in Michigan at -12. It has been 26 months, and the numbers haven’t turned into green. In October, he lost two more points. What is his polling in Wisconsin? Well, it is -13. In Lowa, the point is -12. His party has lost two seats out of three seats. Talking more about it. In Pennsylvania, the point is -7. The democrats won the vote by 10 points.

3. No credit for the country’s economy

As per the report, the rate of unemployment has gone up from 3.6 per cent to 10 per cent. There are no such major achievements in the economy. Wage growth is quite slow. There is still sluggish growth in employment. It is also predicted that if no proper actions are taken, the rate can go down in future, which is not a good sign for America.

4. Trump is here to screw up

Trump’s winding course toward Iran’s armed conflict is not satisfactory. Wartime leadership indeed needs considerable trust. This is something missing in Donald Trump. He has also arranged a rally on July 4 th at the Lincoln Memorial. Then Trump will again mess with the trade-in future.

5. Hillary’s strategies are not running anymore

It has stated that the reason behind Trump’s win was the e-mail scandal by Clinton. But in future, there will be no one who will do this again for Trump.

However, this is something that no can predict. But Trump has done somethings that have affected his image. Some think he is not like the other US Presidents, especially Barack Obama.

Let’s see what is there in the future.

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