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What’s Pimp And Host? Is it still available? How do I access it?

What exactly is the PimpAndHost?

Pimpandhost is an online video and image-sharing website. Sharing pictures online is the norm, and people are always on the look for new platforms to share images. Technology advancement can be seen in the creation of social media as well as other types of photo or image-sharing platforms. PimpAndHost can be one of those platforms.

The majority of the content that is available on PimpAndHost is adult-oriented. The site may not be appropriate for everyone’s users. Users can create accounts to be able for uploading and sharing high-quality pictures and videos with other users on the platform.

Pimp and host offer a wealth of features, making the difference. Here are a few of these features:

Users are allowed to create albums which allows them to keep their uploads properly organized and well categorized. This helps the users navigate the site easily.

Pimp and Host have no evidence of malware, unlike many dangerous image hosting sites. In actual fact as per Google Safe Browsing reports, the website has been certified secure.

The quick upload feature was designed for those who don’t have an account on Pimp and Host. However, in order to take advantage of the features that the website has to offer, you’ll have to sign up for an account.


Another feature that sets Pimp and Host apart is the editing of images, which is known as pimping. By using this feature, users can modify an image when uploading the image.

It allows the uploading of various formats of images including BMP, JPG, GIF, and BMP. With a limit of 5MB for free, this is quite reasonable.

The site also allows sharing of GIFs as well as the conversion and animation of different scenes and actions in GIF images. This has made it possible for the site recognized, due to the widespread usage of GIFs worldwide.

Pimpandhost.com is absolutely free. There is no need to pay any fee to share or access images unless charged by your local provider. Contrary to other websites that offer adult content. Webcams are also offered and users can upload live-action photos to save for later usage. It also provides unlimited bandwidth, meaning that it can handle a large amount of data transmission.
Is the Site Still Up and Running and how do I access It?

Google is a place where that can provide almost anything you need. The majority of the time, when you inquire about something they’ll direct you to Google since they know that Google will always provide an answer. What happens if even Google can’t provide the answer to your query and that’s where most people end up trying to find the Pimpandhost website. Many users have searched for the site on Google but haven’t found it. Based on the appearance of things it’s clear that Google has removed the site’s index likely due to the adult content. Since then, a few other search engines have also followed the same pattern, and search engines such as Bing appear to have removed the site from their indexes as well.

Recently, we discovered that users can still access the website via Google or Bing search engines. Simply enter Pimp And Host using .com in the last (pimpandhost.com) which will redirect visitors to the home page where you can upload photos on your smartphone. There will be a section with the option to sign up and log in too.

How to Upload Images to Pimp and host

Pimp and host

First, you’ll need to register an account in order that you are in a position to edit and remove any file you upload. However, that doesn’t mean without a login you cannot upload anything, but you can, but you aren’t able to modify or remove it.

For creating an account, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Type https://pimpandhost.com into your browser, this will bring you to the homepage.
  2. Click on the ” Sign in” icon that is located in the top-right corner of your homepage
  3. Submit your email and your new password in the dialog box supplied
  4. Now you can begin uploading images, GIFs, and other files

Important Notice: We don’t at all support the content that is available on PimpAndHost. However, it appears that many are still trying to find the website online, but are getting errors in return So we thought we should share some information that might aid.

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