What is Mueller’s report, how to download and read the report?

The time has arrived, and the most-awaited Mueller report has been released to the public as well
as to Congress on 16th May 2019. However, the report is published with little redactions. You
might be thinking that why this report is so important? Well, the report carries important
information about an investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller. The
investigation lasted for around two years.

As it has now gone public, anyone can access the report by visiting the website of the Department of Justice. As the report comes in PDF format, you can download Mueller report PDF file to your system or smartphone and can read it offline. To download the file, just search for Mueller report, and you will get the source.

Talking more about the report, it is the culmination of a high-profile investigation which captured the attention of officials and Americans. The report is based on the relationship between Russia and President Donald Trump's campaign. The investigation was conducted to know whether Donald Trump and Russia worked to together during the election to corner the victory. Besides, the report also has raised questions on the US election system.

This two-year long investigation came to an end on 22nd March, and Robert Mueller Delivered the complete report to William Barr, US Attorney General. Just after two days of receiving the report, Barr sent a four-page summary to Congress. In the summer, Barr stated that Trump had not violated any laws, and there was no hand of Russia in the election. Besides, on 18th April, the US Justice Department aired a press conference where Barr informed that no conspiracy was detected between the Russians trying to undermine the election and Russia didn’t influence the members of the Trump campaign.

However, the report has led to indictments of six of Trump's advisers and 26 Russian nationals. As per the report, 12 Russians injected malware that had infected the Democratic National Committee’s servers during the election held in 2016. There are more such interesting facts that you can know about. So, download the Mueller report now from the Department of Justice.

Why Muller report released to the public?

Apart from the president, there were some major Republican lawmakers and democratic who demanded the release of the full report. They were the Democratic leader of the House of Representative Pelosi and a Republican from Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio.

The US Justice Department has worked with the investigating team to redact some information
from the report issued for the public. To know more about the report, you can download Mueller report to your device now.

Things that the public will not be able to see

The investigation report includes information about foreign relations and intelligence. There is also very sensitive and classified information that the Justice Department doesn’t prefer to disclose. So, you will not get access to all such information. Remember that the PDF is not searchable and you can’t copy the texts and then past those into another document. But don’t miss the report and download the Mueller report to read all the information.

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