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What Is a Smart Casual Dress Code for the Office?

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A 2019 study by Indeed found that 50% of businesses allowed their employees to dress casually. This trend surely increased over the pandemic when Zoom chats in (below camera level) gym pants and underwear reigned king!

Many of us are now still going through the process of getting used to going into physical offices. And it can be daunting to think about what to wear these days after all that has happened. A smart casual dress code is a surefire way to ensure you look the part and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Let’s now look at what constitutes a smart casual dress code. This guide can help employees and employers figure out what’s going to look great, and not so great, in the workplace.

Smart Casual Dress Code Tips for Men

There are no real fixed rules for smart casual dress codes for men or women. After all, it’s a subjective choice that people make about what they think looks “smart casual” in their minds. Yet, we can offer some work dress code tips in this section for men that should help you make clothing decisions that will make you stand out in a positive and professional way.

For starters, some solid go-tos for men include button-down (Oxford) shirts and polo shirts. You can opt for long or short-sleeved with these shirts and it’s your choice whether you think you can pull off a tucked or untucked look. Then you could opt for a blazer or a smart pullover, to complete your look in the colder months.

Chinos and dark wash jeans are great for bottoms. Then with shoes, you could opt for Oxfords, loafers, or boat shoes, for example. If you want to wear sneakers, try to go for a more formal-looking type in darker colors, rather than a flashy sports look.

Smart Casual Dress Code Tips for Women

Women can consider interesting blouse designs to stand out a little. A blazer or two is always a good idea to have in your workwear wardrobe. Blazers can give you a little professional edge in your look. Maybe it’s best to avoid t-shirts with slogans or large graphics on them if you want to give a more serious impression in the workplace.

Silk pants and chinos are great bottom options. Also, dark-wash jeans can work just fine. In terms of shoes, you could opt for ballet flats, Oxfords, or loafers to finish off your smart casual look.

Implementing a Business Casual Dress Code

As a company, you might want to offer some smart-casual clothing options for your employees. You could even add printed name tags to these items for a more personal touch.

At the very least, if you do have a smart casual dress code, you can advise your employees on some of the clothing options we mentioned above. In the end, however, everyone will have their own unique style and should be fine in most circumstances to let them express themselves in what they wear.

Casual Dress Code Guide

We hope you enjoyed this short and sweet casual dress code guide. When you allow people to feel more comfortable in their clothing, it may help them feel better and more productive in the workplace. Plus, you’ll get to see all the different characters you have on board at your company, which can be great fun!

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