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What Are the Benefits of Using Certified Mail Labels?

Do you prefer snail mail over electronic or online communication? Studies show that the Postal Service processes about 425,000,000 mail pieces every day.

For many, writing letters is more intimate or enjoyable than chatting or emailing. Many businesses also use postal services as a form of marketing.

However, considering the amount of mail processed daily, some can get lost. Also, unlike packages, sending mail doesn’t come with a delivery status update.

Postal services can trace your letters and ensure they reach the intended recipient. Certified mail labels notify you when the receiver gets the mail. Read on to discover how you can enjoy using certified mail labels.

1. Tracking Your Mail

In the shipping industry, there’s a high possibility of mail and parcels getting lost. To ensure successful delivery, carriers put tracking numbers on packages. Postal services now offer tracking features for mail, too.

When you avail of certified mail labels, you receive updates about the mail. By entering the tracking number online, you can check its shipment progress. You never have to worry about losing important documents.

2. Proof of Mailing and Proof of Delivery

You can never find a record of your mail when you drop them at the post office. To prevent losses, secure proof of mailing and show it to the recipient.

When doing business, recording the date and time of an activity is crucial. By using certified mail labels, you can prove to your clients when you send the mail. The certified mail of the USPS provides a date and time stamp.

Apart from the proof of mailing, you can use this label to get proof of delivery. Before the recipient can get the package, they must sign a paper acknowledging they received it. 

3. Extra Protection

According to the USPS, they receive about 60,000 mail theft complaints every year. So if you’re using snail mail as a marketing strategy, this is something you should aim to avoid.

Using certified mail can guarantee extra protection for your package. With the label on, people handling and sending the mail know you can track its shipment progress. It encourages them to be extra careful with your item.

You can learn more about certified mail labels here.

4. Cost-Effective

Did you know that private couriers offer the same services? Many shipping services provide tracking and extra protection for mail, too. However, availing of these features can cost you more.

When running a business, cost-effectiveness is crucial. With certified mail labels, you can get these services for affordable prices. Often, the mail postage cost about a fraction of what they are worth from other companies.

If you need to send many documents, you can spend more than you intend by opting for private couriers. As a business person, which can benefit you the most? To save money, look for the best mailers that can serve you best.

Use Certified Mail Labels Today

Now you know how certified mail labels can protect your mail. Without a tracking number, you can never guarantee the delivery of your mail. Sometimes, it can get lost, which costs you more time and effort.

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