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US Capitol Hill Siege: Here’s everything you need to know

As you have already noticed or found out the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter restricted and blocked Trump’s accounts after what happened in the Capitol Hill this Wednesday.

It all started with the US Presidential Election, where Democratic Party candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden defeated Republican Party’s nominee and the current US President Donald Trump to become 46th President of the United States. Trump showed his dissatisfaction and refused to accept the results of the election which provoked his supporters and led to a protest.

The mob summoned by Trump breached into the Washinton’s Capitol Hill where the lawmakers were proceeding toward certifying Joe Biden as the 2020 US Presidential Election winner. The riot-like situation took place after Trump called his supporters to show the refusal of the Election results. A video got viral where Trump is saying “I love you” to the gathered crowd when the whole incident was taking place.

Meanwhile, 4 people died, including a woman who was shot during the protest and reportedly, over 14 police officers were injured which resulted in the arrest of over 52 protestors. Twitter and Facebook suspended the President’s handle over posts accused of stir-up violence in the US Capitol as the media blamed the posted content for the current situation. Both of the social media platform barred Trump for 12 and 24 hours respectively and warned that any further violations will result in permanent ban from the sites. The video in which he was saying “I love you” to his supporters was taken down by YouTube.

Timeline of the series of events:

November 3rd, 2020 – Election Day. The use of mail-in voting, the results may have to wait for days.

December 14th, 2020 – Electoral College Members casts their ballots for president.

January 6th, 2021 – At 1 PM, the congress meets to count the votes and decide the winner. US Capitol Hill sieged for four hours disrupting the proceedings. Joe Biden wins by acquiring 51.4% (306 Electoral Votes) of the votes while Donald Trump secured 46.9% (232 Electoral Votes).

January 20th, 2021 – Inauguration Day. The winner and his running mate are sworn in as President and the Vice-President of the United States at the US Capitol in Washington.

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