Trump Pardons Susan B. Anthony & Targets 2020 Election

Now pandemic guidelines have brought dramatic changes to the way the 2020 presidential campaign is playing out. In the united states went are the large-scale rallies and close-up encounters of 2016. Physical distancing also poses a logistical headache for polling day one reason voting by mail is in focus. But the mainland vote has critics including president trump. As I hear from poll over two-thirds of the U.S voters will be able to make their choice. By either mail-in or absentee ballot in the 2020 election more than ever before in the history of the united states. This is what this year’s election battlefield looks like sounds not good at all. Donald Trump has politicized mail-in voting and absentee voting because he fears that this might lead to a greater voter.


Turnout among democrats according to president trump mail-in voting is more susceptible. To voter fraud even though there is little to no evidence for this. He has already announced that he might not accept the outcome of the 2020 election. Undermining the most crucial tool of democracy the right to vote he is, unfortunately, turning into an authoritarian. And he doesn’t like democracy so much anymore it seems like so it’s really important for all. To exercise there right to vote and people should know how they want to exercise their right to vote looks different. From many in this year’s election due to the coronavirus, the academic has a very different take from the republican. President Trump has been sowing doubt about their liability of this year’s election results from the beginning of his tenure.

The biggest risk that people have is male in the balance because with the mail-in ballots called universal mail-in ballots. It’s a much easier thing for a foreign power it’s much easier for them. To forge ballots and send them in it’s much easier for them to cheat the president’s statements. Raise concerns that he might not accept a defeat and might try to remain in the white house. Even if the president doesn’t refuse to leave it remains to see how his followers are going to take. This they have already primed to believe that if he loses this was an unfair election. And that could easily lead to mass resistance even to violence in the street. The pandemic damages many aspects of life even the integrity of the democratic process itself you.

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