COVID-19 Vaccine by Russia

Russia Claims To Have Developed First COVID-19 Vaccine

President Putin says Russia has Approved a vaccine against COVID-19. Despite not completing crucial phase three clinical trials the first vaccine. Against the new coronavirus infection registered although it works fairly effectively. Forms stable immunity and it has gone through all the necessary checks. The vaccine has only tested on 138 people one of Putin’s daughters. Based on approve vaccine against adenovirus the common cold this vaccine allegedly. Gives immunity against COVID-19 for two years but the results of the limited trials have yet to make. Public coronavirus has ripped through Russia. It has the fourth-highest number of cases in the world the health ministry says doctors and teachers will receive the first doses. Before a mass vaccination program starts in January 20 countries have rushed to pre-order. Over a billion doses according to the world health organization says.

The vaccine has not got their stamp of approval yet we are in close contact with the Russian health authorities. And discussions are ongoing about possible whole pre-qualification of the vaccine. But again pre-qualification of any vaccine includes the rigorous review. And assessment of all required safety and efficacy data and the scientific community. Say the speed of development and lack of transparency is causing concern. We have no idea whether even the claims that are being made about safety. And the immune response of this virus is true or not.


I hope they’re true to know once there’s a safe and effective vaccine. Personally I don’t care where it comes from. We need to work together to get this to everybody around the world one of the things. That I worry about is that you know if this is really more about you know sort of geopolitics. And being able to claim victory it may put pressure on other countries. To cut corners on safety and effectiveness as well and that could put us all in danger. Until the who gives the vaccine the green light.


This is not a race Russia can claim to have won charlie angela al Jazeera Constantine. Sever involve is the head of the laboratory at the wax man institute form microbiology. At Rutgers University, he says a lot of work needs to done to prove the Russian vaccine is safe. In the absence of the demonstration of the efficacy of the vaccine. Even the fact that it may be safe doesn’t really address the issue. If it’s useful if it really protects people from the disease. It’s meant to protect them from and in the absence of such data. Which can only gather through very large-scale trials? Including the double-blind place control groups and what have you there would be no indication.

What so ever this is a product that you should be using once you go too much larger numbers. The effects which may have not been apparent that the smaller groups. May come up and I’m talking about safety issues right like complications from the vaccine. Use in particular groups of people and what have you whether people of age. Are people with particular medical conditions but efficacy is ultimately what everybody’s after…

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