Massive Warehouse Explosion Rocks Beirut Causing Thousands of Injuries

A massive explosion has torn through the Lebanese capital Beirut killing at least 70 people. And injuring more than 3700. It’s not yet known what causes the explosion. But Lebanon’s prime minister says his country is facing a catastrophe. And Beirut is in mourning he vows to hold to account whoever was responsible for the huge blast. At the port sent shock waves across the city destroying many buildings and blowing out windows. Several miles away hospitals across the city were quickly overwhelmed.

Officials fear the death toll will rise sharply here’s our middle east. And just to warn you this report contains distressing images. It was a massive explosion another view from the place. And a country already deep in crisis has hit by a catastrophe I don’t know what happened. According to sources, something explodes and then this happened this was the fire in Beirut port. The flashes they say were fireworks then something much bigger ignited Lebanon’s interior minister. Told local media was ammonium nitrate which had stored there since 2014. It can be used as fertilizer or make explosives this is downtown Beirut. Close to the parliament building since the end of last year, Lebanon has paralyzed. By a political and economic crisis and street demonstrations before the country gripped.

The Pandemic

By the pandemic, the damage spread across the city the shock will run much deeper. And this tragedy risks pushing the Lebanese further into despair and. He’ll carry the prime minister broadcast to the nation he told them that those responsible. Would pay the price Beirut’s hospital is already pressed hard by COVID-19 faced with hundreds of casualties. In a local interview of residents of Lebanese said “We were at home we heard what sounded like fireworks. We thought it was a container in the port that was on fire for a few seconds. later we were flying through the air Lebanon will get international help”. Which until now its friends have been reluctant to give because of corruption. And incompetence in Lebanon’s wealthy elite but public anger already. Strong will demand real change at last if Lebanon’s rulers cannot heal the wounded. Fix the damage and punish the guilty and there is one big question who allowed the storage of so much deadly explosive.


For so long in a warehouse so close to the city center we can to one of the hospitals treating some of the very many people. Who’s injured and the death toll is rising fast almost 4,000 people. Known to have injured describe the scene. In hospitals, people are still coming either to check on their relatives. Or to check whether their relatives are inside the hospital. Because there are still so many people unaccounted for but just to give you an idea of how overwhelmed. The hospitals here and everywhere else in all Lebanon. But mainly in Beirut, I mean the injured have brought to hospitals by thousands. They haven’t been able to treat them on the in rooms they have brought.

The Hospitals In Lebanese

Them to corridors to offices everywhere the whole hospital every single space in the hospital. Has turned into an emergency unit people are still coming. You can see traces of blood all over the floor and also you can see how distressed and how people are in real shock. And panic hours after this incident it’s impossible to say what is the final toll. And whether this is I mean they are seeing arising toll throughout the night. Because people are still rush into hospitals all over the country Karine. I still don’t know what caused this. But as in reports, this has come at a very difficult time very sensitive time for Lebanon. It’s an appalling tragedy which has inflicted now in a country that was already really suffering badly. Because of an economic collapse because of a deep-seated political crisis. Caused by a whole welter of things by COVID-19 of course it’s been badly hit by that.

Back into lockdown hyperinflation people savings destroy real wages cut your name. They’ve had it and now they’ve got this and then there’s the regional context. As well they realize very quickly said they had nothing to do with. This normally they might leave that open if they had so that sounds. Credible the issue with them is the trouble down on the border in the south between. The Hezbollah the Lebanese Shia group close to Damascus. Close to Tehran and the Israelis, they have locked in their own escalation. In recent weeks now this catastrophic explosion in Beirut will have consequences nationally.

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