Jake Paul’s Famous YouTube Star Home Raided By FBI

Hey, guys today I have a piece of breaking news on Wednesday morning Jake Paul home is raided by FBI. Actually it was outside of his Calabasas home earlier. And there were a ton of cars lines up and there was like officers at the gates of his home. And it was a search so apparently it makes contact and. officers told the media that they are having a search by the feds who have a warrant in order to look into Jake Paul’s home. They said that they did not have any specifics about what they were looking for and then shortly after. It broke the story in Los Angeles actually confirmed everything. So they say that it was the raid conducts by the FBI and is performed on the Jake Paul’s home 23 500 blocks. On park south street they also said on Los Angeles that they had reached out to the FBI.

And they would not confirm what actually prompted the breed. But they did say that it was in connection with an ongoing investigation. But that today there would be no arrests planned the and apparently they also told. The warrants were sealed by a judge so everything on this is really tight-lipped. They don’t know what they’re looking for what the scope of the warrant is for. But they were able to confirm that there were 100real agents. At the property this was not a prank there they took photos outside of the Jake Paul’s home there. Are lines of dozens and dozens of people this unmark cars people going in and out of the property. And it’s like can you really surprising that wow right so Jake Paul’s has pulled a lot of pranks like a ton so a couple of months ago. In June he was actually in Arizona and he was with his crew and they were filming outside of an Arizona mall. And while he was in the mall there was a bunch of stuff going on where people were breaking windows.

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And they were trying to get into the mall after hours this was shortly after everything that happened in that place. A cop getting physical with George Floyd and the nation was sort of in a massive uprising. At the time there was filming everything. But Jake Paul also took part in it by going into the mall and documenting everything. That was happening he went on to social media after his videographer released.


All this footage basically showing him participating in this behavior. And Jake Paul denied that he was a part of it and did anything wrong yet he was trespassing. On a property that Jake Paul should not have been in while people were literally damaging the property. Jake Paul was later then charged with trespassing and he is facing those charges in Arizona. He responded by doing a video a few months later or a few weeks later where he had police show up at his house. And they were going to extradite him to Arizona which turns out to be a massive prank and then only last week and a couple of weeks ago. He was literally calls out by the mayor of the club for having house parties this team 10mansion.

Jake Paul’s Followers

So he has been throwing a ton of parties in the middle of a global pandemic has told people. And multiple outlets she literally does not care he’s going to keep living his life. He has had tons of people at his home and it was because of his choices and his action. That the mayor of the club has actually banned these types of gatherings in her area. And they’ve said that if people are not found at these gala gatherings.

They will find if they’re not wearing masks they will be fine and it’s created this humongous us uproaring. In his community now if that’s not just the biggest issue I don’t know what are they searching for like. What could he possibly involve in it’s completely different to pull a prank on youtube? Then it is to have feds at your property right that would instigate and imply that there’s something far. Greater than pulling a prank or having a party at your house or going to a property and filming right.

He must have something going on in this house that would cause them to go into his house. To search and the number of cars that are outside of his home. I mean has all of the photos you can see that there are one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven cars just in this photo. Tons of people just outside of these cars there’s an officer literally at the gate of his house. Standing and guarding and it’s a real officer it’s not a fake-out. So what are your thoughts about this news what do you think that jay could possibly be involved here? Share your comments below.

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