Here Comes Amazon Prime Day 2020 With All New Deals

Hey guys how are you all…So amazon prime day 2020 is upon us amazon pushed it back this year. And it officially is happening October 13th and 14th 2020 I am going to share the tips on how you can get the best deals on amazon prime day. This year prime day is upon us officially October 13th and 14th so guys. What are you shopping for on amazon prime day let me know in the comment section below… Do you have any targets anything in particular that you’re like you got to sign up for amazon prime… If you want to take advantage of amazon prime day you have to be an amazon prime member here’s the cool thing you can just get a 30-day trial.

You get the prime video we use that a lot right for different streaming shows and things like that you get amazon music. We don’t really use that too much but do you get things like amazon photos did you know you have unlimited photo storage with amazon prime.

It’s true and so so many things that you may not even know about it sign up for amazon prime that might be a given. But to take care of amazon prime day, you have to be a prime member and again you can sign up and you get a 30-day free trial.


And you can cancel if you want or you can see if you like all the benefits amazon is a west coast company here in the united states. So I believe that’s midnight pacific standard time so we’re just a few hours away from those deals starting right. Now you can see the early access deals and then the official deals will really start pretty soon. Like an, I pad apple products don’t really get discounted that much but you can see that there’s a 16 savings on this deal. And maybe we like to use I pads for teleprompters so that’s one thing to check out MacBook pro. Now notice this and this is some of the stuff you want to study yes it’s 5 % off on the sale. But see it says save 100 at checkout and so what you actually do is add it to your cart.

Prime Day

It’s going to add that promotion onto it later and so notice all around this shopping are here what certain specific deals. Are now another really important thing is it’s not just the deal you know guys you can grab whatever deals you want. And then take advantage of that extended return so that’s cool tip there’s a time limit to claim.


The Deals

The deals so starting at midnight you’re going to see upcoming deals and you’re going to see goes live maybe at like 6 a.m 12 p.m. Whatever it is so set a reminder when you look ahead at the deals and where you’ll see them you can’t actually see them. Now because it hasn’t started but when you go to the prime home page you’re going to start seeing the deals. Got it now a couple of things lightning deals usually last only a few hours or why surprise supplies last there also purchase limits.

So there’s only maybe like 100 units 500 units 5000units available if you miss it you’ll be able to join await list. And then a huge key but you want to filter your choices by category so here’s a tip definitely make recommend using a desktop to shop on amazon prime. Or a laptop you get onto your web page over on the left side you could say filter by category. So you look at all the lightning deals but for other people in particular apart of the think media community.


Different Items

You might check I look at like computers and tech I look at gaming. Because sometimes there are headsets or maybe gaming stuff. I look at cameras and photography I look at those different categories you check those boxes and it filters.

The deals down then you want to look ahead and maybe set reminders on your phone or set notifications. So as soon as maybe you’re like sick there’s that lighting kit. I want or there’s that microphone I want to set that reminder so you’ve got that deal cued up for you.

What I’m encouraging you to do to is you always want to go in with the game plan. It’s not really about impulse buying right it’s about writing down. That what do I need to take my content to another level what do I want to upgrade this year.

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