Death Valley a Dangerous Desert Valley In Eastern California

Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth in the summer months. Temperatures range anywhere from around 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit -or more. So as summer approaches you guys can squeeze in a short trip before it gets too hot. From Los Angeles, Death Valley is about a four-hour drive. It doesn’t actually feel that long though because the landscape constantly changes you’ve got. Green mountains, red rocks, farmland, small towns, deserts, and that kind of cycles until you get there. The plan you guys can make it a simple two-day trip you can drive out like on any day you can go there. Spend the night then spend all next day exploring and then drive your home back in the late afternoon. I had already researched all the places where people wanted to see so fitting. It in would just be a matter of timing and managing any random adventures you want to take.

Your first stop would be Father Crowley Vista. It’s where you can see military jets fly through the canyon. Any time we drive past an airport people wants to stop or at least look so watching jets fly through Death Valley is must you should go. You can also read online that they fly pretty much every day. Some days you get quite a show and others it’s pretty quiet. I had no idea what were you going to get. So you can found a nice spot on the edge of the canyon and waited and waited and then As ready as you will. It came out of nowhere. There’s really no warning. As soon as you heard the jet and point your cameras at it will go. At this point you can technically in the park but not down in the valley. That’s where most of the sightseeing is…and the heat. This is also where you ran into our first bit of trouble the air-conditioning in your vehicle can start blowing out hot air.

Death Valley

Not good. You still had a day and a half left and 90% of it was down here. Death Valley is really just a lot of rocks, sand, and dirt, and heat but it’s also got character and that’s what makes it worth exploring. When you come down the mountains and see them in the distance, they look tiny, minuscule, but when you get up close to them they’re pretty massive. And you can just walk out as far as you want. you guys can spend the night in a little town called Beatty. There’s really not much there a few motels, a couple of restaurants, and a Denny’s with the casino attached to it. In the morning you will get coffee at a little diner and then headed back into the valley. Do you think it’s gonna work? I do not think it’s gonna work as well as it should.

You also can feel cold It feels mediocre. It’s a giant salt flat, nearly 200 square miles. It’s also the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. For reference, you can see a sign for sea level. The path is getting a little less travelled, a little rockier. the salt here basically tastes like pink Himalayan sea salt you guys can taste the saltiest thing there It will get a lot hot there. Your final stop will Dante’s view. You drive 20 miles up the mountain and you’re greeted with a beautiful view of the entire Valley.

It’s cool, it’s relaxing, and as a nice wrap up to the day, you will see our entire trip in the valley below. So it makes sense that you would end the trip here, stranded in Death Valley is one of the last places you want to be. There’s no cell service, no relief from the sun, and ranger patrol can be few and far between. There are a lot of details to this story but I want to keep it as short as possible. So here I had all about the death valley.

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