Baltimore Has Already Seen Two Homicides

Baltimore has recorded two homicides that are just part of the violence. There have been several other attacks it city police have responded to a deadly stabbing. A double shooting and a violent robbery in which a man was lit on fire just before 6 o’clock.

Thursday night officers called to do Valle Avenue in Northwest Baltimore police. Say a 26year old man had shot multiple times inside this car medics pronounced. Him dead at the scene to me it’s always like a war zone in a city of Baltimorean hour later officers. Responded to North Mount Street in West Baltimore for a double shooting both of the victims expected to survive. Because when you heard someone you’re hurting not just that person.


That you’re shooting you’re putting a bullet in a mother and a father and sisters. And brothers earlier Thursday morning on Chesterfield Avenue in Northeast Baltimore. A woman and a teen were both stabbed the woman later died from her injuries. Police say a suspect has taken into custody chopper 13. Over another incident along with Gilmore and Mosher, someone called police for reports of a person.

Armed in the area when police arrived they encountered that person. And one officer discharged a weapon no one hit. Ad the suspect taken into custody police say a replica. Gun found at the scene mothers who have lost children to gun violence. Gathered along McElderry in Northeast Baltimore Deanna. Perry remembers her son Danelleb Brockington junior who killed on this street back in November.

And just didn’t want to let him be a number of 300 victims. This is also the location where a 59-year-old man robbed and lit on fire he sustained. Burns to the back of his head he told police he couldn’t tell. Whether it was one or two people who attacked him that victim expected to be okay. But police are still searching for the person or people responsible.

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