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The Importance of an Annual Physical

Getting an annual checkup is one of the best ways to stay in good health, but not everyone takes advantage of that service. Believe it or not, around 17% of people won’t see the doctor during the year.

Doing this is a mistake.

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t get an annual physical. Keep reading to learn why it makes sense to get a yearly physical examination.

Get Your Bloodwork

Unfortunately, getting all the nutrition you need with a modern diet is hard. People are pressed for time, so they resort to eating foods that don’t have everything they need. That leads to a lack of nutrients for many people.

You can figure out what you’re missing with an annual physical examination. From there, you can modify your diet to get what you’re missing or find supplements to make up for what you’re missing.

Learn Your Baseline

Chronic diseases don’t develop overnight. They take years of bad health habits to form. If you don’t know your baseline levels, you’re at more risk of those diseases.

Your yearly exam will help you learn what your baselines are. When you learn this information, you’ll know which diseases you’re at more risk of getting. That means you can take proactive steps to improve your baseline and reduce your chronic disease risk.

Get Vaccines

There are some illnesses out there that are worse than others. They’re beyond the typical cold and will cause more serious issues if you aren’t careful. The problem is that these diseases evolve and move past our current defenses.

Illnesses like the flu constantly change and require new vaccinations every year. You can take care of this with yearly health check ups to ensure you have protection against the latest strain of viruses.

Receive Lifestyle Tips

Doctors aren’t only there to offer diagnoses for medical issues. Many of them also have knowledge about healthy lifestyles and can give that knowledge to their patients.

If you don’t get great news from your yearly exam, you can get advice from your doctor that can help. Of course, your doctor may not know everything. In cases like that, you can get a recommendation to see a doctor with the right experience to get the advice you need.

Assess Future Issues

Your current health baseline won’t always indicate future problems. Things like genetics and family history will always play a part in this.

Doctors know this and can make recommendations based on those factors. You’ll be able to give your doctor your medical history, including conditions your parents and grandparents had. That means you can get recommendations that reduce the chance of you suffering from common issues in your family.

Don’t Skip Your Next Annual Physical

It’s not always easy to see when you have health problems. Issues can persist for some time and eventually come to light as a much more serious problem.

If you want to avoid that happening to you, make sure you always go to your annual physical. Set your next appointment today to ensure you never go without your yearly check-up.

Head back to the blog to find more health tips that will help you live a healthier life.

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