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The Different Types of Eye Disorders That Are Diagnosed Today

Roughly 12 million people 40-plus have some sort of vision impairment. It’s a common condition, but one that can directly hinder your quality of life. Eyesight is not a sense that most people want to bargain with. 

If you understand some of the most common eye conditions, you can get the medical and therapeutic care that you need. Below, we’re happy to offer some insight into the types of eye disorders many people deal with. 

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most common ocular issues that much of the population deals with. The optometrist will generally test for glaucoma during your annual vision check. This test involves blowing a small puff of air into your eye as you stare into a vision screen, to study the way your eye reacts. 

Glaucoma is a condition in which pressure or some other problem damages the nerve connecting your eye to your brain. This condition will lead to a gradual loss of vision, along with other disturbances. 

It pays to work with the best ophthalmologist that can pinpoint glaucoma early, so you can alleviate the pressure, repair your vision, and keep it under control. Professional eye disease management can help deal with the symptoms of glaucoma. 

A Detached Retina

It’s also common for a person to have their retina detached, typically due to a jarring blow or other types of contact injuries. People that experience a detached retina deal with double vision, vision loss, nausea, loss of equilibrium, and other issues. 

Patients will generally have to get a procedure to firmly attach the eye back to the connective tissue. A professional can provide an eye disorder diagnosis and recurring treatments. 

Cataracts on the Eyes

Cataracts are another condition that affects eyesight and the eyes as a whole. This is a condition that clouds the lens of the eye. Cataracts cause a person’s vision to get blurry and the condition is often brought on by age. 

It builds up gradually over time, usually over the course of some years. Doctors can remove cataracts today with a simple and straightforward procedure. People can also manage different aspects of their eyes and health so that they can keep cataract-free, healthy eyes. 


About 33% of people today have astigmatism. Astigmatism is a type of condition that involves curvature of parts like the lens or the cornea. With astigmatism, your vision is blurry and otherwise impaired. 

People often suffer astigmatism in conjunction with general vision loss. It can also come with light sensitivity and other visual issues. Some people have severe astigmatism to the point of being considered legally blind. 

Understanding Different Types of Eye Disorders

Knowing the different types of eye disorders will help you treat them medically and therapeutically. Knowing is half the battle, which is why you need to get diagnostic care and treatment from a professional that can assist you. 

Are you trying to learn more about your health and wellness? Check out our other health-related articles to do a deep dive. 

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