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The Benefits of a Gym Membership vs a Home Gym

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In 2020, 59% of gym members told CNBC that they would not return to their gym after the pandemic. Now that normality has almost 100% resumed in the US, that figure may be a little high.

But the reality is that many did build their own home gym when they couldn’t leave their house. Many of those don’t realize the benefits they’re missing out on by not having a gym membership.

There are tons of benefits of visiting a gym over working out at home. Read on to find out what they are and remember why going to the gym is so awesome!

Lower Upfront and Maintenance Costs

Let’s say you want to get fit and build muscle so you decide to create a home gym. You spend thousands on gym equipment and hours of your time converting a garage or shed. You work out every day for two weeks or a month and then your elliptical machine breaks and you never touch it again.

No one talks about how expensive home gyms are or how much upkeep they need. But if you get a gym membership, you’re only paying $20 – $50 a month and you can quit at any time. And there are professionals to fix and maintain the machines so they always work.

Wider Variety of Gym Equipment

How much gym equipment can you afford or even fit in your garage? One running machine, two yoga mats, a pull-up bar, and a bench press? You’re going to get tired of doing those same exercises over and over again.

Most gyms have every type of exercise machine on the market. You can work every muscle in your body in a variety of different ways and you’ll never get bored.

Better Facilities and Classes You Can Join

Gyms don’t only have gym equipment and machines. Some also have Olympic-sized swimming pools, saunas, and spas.

One of the best parts of having a gym membership is all the classes they offer. You could try yoga, pilates, kickboxing, spinning, and more. You’re far more likely to excel in a new sport or activity with an expert teacher than you are via a YouTube video.

Find Community and Build Gym Friendships

Speaking of classes, gyms are an avenue to building new friendships with like-minded people. It’s hard enough trying to make friends as an adult. But at the gym, you have the opportunity to meet spotters and accountability partners.

Plus, it’s much more appealing to meet an existing friend at the gym for a workout than it is to invite them over to your garage.

Experience a Change of Scenery

Remote working. Stay-at-home parenting. Grocery deliveries and online shopping.

There’s almost no reason to leave the house anymore, which can be damaging to your mental health. Going to the gym gives you a reason to head outside and take a break from the chaos at home.

Skip the Home Gym and Run to a Proper Gym Instead

While building a home gym seems convenient, that is the only benefit of having one. But now you know there are so many more benefits of getting a gym membership. It’s high time you unhooked that old punching bag and joined a kickboxing class instead.

If you’re serious about getting fit, working out is a great start. But you also need to watch what you eat too. Browse our health articles for tons of dieting tips!

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