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The All New Xbox Series S is Here

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A whole lot of news just leaked for the Xbox Series. And the Xbox Series S, both pricing and dates, so we’re gonna talk about all that stuff. A lot of different Xbox information started coming out, and it’s looking like most. if not all of it is real. The first big thing was a visual leak of the Xbox Series S. which appears to be about as tall as the Xbox Series X. But considerably thinner. It is a white design instead of a black on. But features a prominent black ven ton the front face of it. At least when it’s in tower mode. It’s displayed in tower mode, which I know is kinda like the default for a lot of different consoles. But I feel like this one design, in particular, definitely lends itself to being more of a kind of landscape setup. Where that vent is pointing up, and it just doesn’t look like an upright speaker. Now based on the visuals of this model, it looks as though it is a purely digital design.

Which is one of the really common rumours and theories that were going around… As long as we’ve heard about Project Lockhart, and that makes a lot of sense for that lower price point. But what’s different about it, compared to the PS 5All-Digital. Which supposed to be a PS 5 in all the same ways. Just all digital, the Series S is also supposedly going to be a lower-spec model. That is only capable of doing 1080p, possibly 1440p gameplay. Now while of course there are people out there who are very excited about high resolutions.

Games in 4K

And playing games in 4K, or possibly even 8K eventually. Honestly, I really think the Series S actually the much more compelling argument for a lot of people. When it comes to picking up a next-gen system. Look, it’s no secret that right now, the economy’s kind of be a little bit of a mess. There’s been a lot happening this year. And so, a system that is considerably more affordable at $300 sounds very nice. Now, we don’t know the price of the PS5 just yet. The Series Sone that it looks like the Xbox Series X is going to priced at $50. Putting a $200 price difference between these two systems. Now in this same article from Windows Central, they also claimed that the release date of both this Series X. And Series S would be November 10t. Which is a big deal for a couple of reasons… First off, that’s the first actual kind of hard date. We’ve constantly heard a different kind of ranges of sometime in the holiday, or sometime in November. Maybe during this week.

November 10th is a very specific date, and honestly, sounds pretty accurate, as far as when consoles usually tend to launch. The bigger deal about this though, is that it’s claiming both systems come out at the same time. Given how very close this is to launch time. A lot of people were figuring that since we didn’t hear about the Series S. Yet, it might be something that was kind of happening later on. Maybe it wasn’t going to be side-by-side with the Series X. But no, it looks like they are planning on launching these systems at the same time. So, for this holiday season, assuming the PS5 doesn’t have a pushback. You’re gonna have four different systems to choose from, two from each side, thePS5.


The PS5

The PS5 All-Digital, and the Xbox Series X and Series S. Now I’m gonna be really honest here. If all this information checks out and the Series S does what they’re claiming it will do at that price point. That is an awesome option. When it comes to first-party exclusives. Especially now that Microsoft has announced that Halo Infinite has pushed back. But now there’s an interesting debate of, it’s not just simply the system that has the exclusives. And then the other system that’s probably more powerful. But we’re actually getting a situation where there is another option that is much more affordable.

For a lot of people out there that don’t necessarily care about high power or first-party exclusive. They just wanna be able to play next-generation games as they are releasing. And this is the system that’s going to let people do that for $200. Cheaper than the other options. Personally, I don’t see either model getting as cheap as the $300 Series S. If the All-Digital PS5 is $300. That’s gonna be an amazing competition. Because that’s still supposed to give you 4K gameplay and all the kinda higher specs. I doubt that’s gonna be the case, more likely 400, maybe. Even as high as 450, but the ball is now in Sony’s court to see what they want to say back.

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