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The All New LG Wing Full Review And Features


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This is the LG wing it’s wacky but is it useful how cool it looks though LG loves to try crazy things every once in a while. Like the ticker screen on the LG v10 way back when or the module design of the LG G5 a lot of these experiments well. They don’t really stick around much but a ton of people do respect LG for trying to think outside.

The box and here we have the LG wing while the whole smartphone world is trying to figure out. What kind of foldable phone to make next the LG wing is a phone that’s wives out to reveal a smaller square-shaped. Secondary screen this meant to be your assistant screen right here. The wingman to your main screen gets it. Its applications are interesting though a bit limited most commonly this presented as a screen to run media controls on.

New Features

Like you have your navigation on the main screen. And then you have a Spotify playlist on the small screen or you can use the small screen to just view your calendar. While browsing through your emails on the main screen there is a special edition of the whale browser on this phone. Which makes use of the two displays automatically basically. You do all your web browsing on the bottom. On this small display but whenever you start up a video from any website. It will automatically load up on the top display and you can keep browsing through your tabs.




On the small screen while watching the video in unfolded mode. You can basically view any media on the big screen without interrupted at all your notifications will come up on the small screen. Your media playback controls and even the brightness slider are down there it’s pretty nifty. If only the LG wing was actually good for media it only has one speaker.

Which kind of sounds honky and it’s not amazing. And the screen is a bit cold with either a bluish or greenish tint over it depending on what mode. You put it in you can manage to kind of get it balanced by using the custom mode. But it’s still not the best screen colour reproduction. When the wing folded it handles pretty much as your standard phone would it’s a bit thicker. And definitely heavier than a contemporary flagship.

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