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The All New Emoji Keyboard is Here With Windows 10

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Hey, what is up to everyone…today I’m going to show you how you can get the emoji keyboard for your Windows 10. And it should also work with the windows 8, 7 if you have you should try…I’m not going to take you a long time from you guys… so, the emoji keyboard in Windows 10 is that in Windows 10. It has basic built-in emoji keyboard for Windows 10. I didn’t know because I never try to use that so if you are a guy who is looking for emoji keyboard. For your Windows 10 or maybe Windows 8 or 7 so I’m just showing for Windows 10 and hopefully, it should also work with the windows 7, 8. It should also work with the 7 and 8 and getting an emoji keyboard in your Windows 10 is really simple.

But I didn’t know it was not that much simple and it is really disappointing that I didn’t know about. This so all you have to do is just click on the taskbar do the right click ok and. After that, you’ll see some options here just find show touch keyboard button. All you have to find is this option it unchecked as you can see it unchecked right now so just click on that. It will check you can go back as you can see it checked. And after that, you will have a new icon in your taskbar which looks like a keyboard. And when you hover your mouse you will see it’s saying the touch keyboard. All you have to do is click and there against it now we have a keyboard.


Emoji Keyboard

Which we can click on using Mouse if you have a touch screen you can also do that. And here’s the funny part you can see there is the emoji logo you just click on that. And you have all your emojis here. So it is just funny as hell that I didn’t know so I’m really disappointed. That I didn’t know about this so if you are a guy who looking for emoji keyboard. You know just like me I think it’s been only two or three days. I found out about this that we have a built-in emoji keyboard in Windows 10. I am disappointed how many times I have really tried for this…So if you want to insert your emoji keyboard. Just go anywhere just maybe you want to do some search or maybe you want to do some comments. Just click on your keyboard and after that go and as you can see I can insert the emoji keyboard. Just like this.

I can inside open that keyboard again. This many not only there are many keyboards. I mean there are many images you can select as you can see many so many. I didn’t know there are many of them…I can’t count them but there are many images you can have. So you don’t need to download any software for this. That is the amazing part of this if you don’t have a Windows 10 but you want to get the Windows 10. Then there’s a free method to download the Windows 10. From official website of the Microsoft so you can get the free ISO.

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