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The All New Apple iPad Air Review 2020 With New Features


Hey, guys how are you all so If you’re thinking of getting an iPad maybe you’re staring down a long lockdown. Where you can’t even go outside and so you need to binge even more Netflix. Then you have been then this is the iPad that recommends for almost everybody. Who can afford it it’s the new $599 iPad air see one of the biggest trends. In tech right now is a bunch of companies are trying to figure out. Which part should go into their mid-range devices should they just be extra nice.

Versions of the basic model which is actually really what Google’s done with pixel 5 here or should they toned down. Versions of the best model which is really what Apple has done here with the iPad air, either way, the result is usually a device. That might be missing some high-end features. That are luxuries instead of necessities but even without them, this iPad. Air feels like a luxury it is the nicest computing experience. You can have for 600 or less the main thing that’s new with the iPad air. This year is this design it is almost identical to the other Pro models.


iPad Air


And that is a very good thing it has these rounded corners and thinner bezels. And that’s features shared by the new iPhone 12s actually but unlike the new, iPhones. This iPad air switches over from lightning. To USB-C lightning cables won’t charge these devices. That design switch over also means that this uses the new iPad pro accessory. So there’s the apple pencil that attaches and charges here via a magnet. And it’s better than the old lightning pencil in pretty much every way.

But don’t forget that it costs 129 you also have your choice of the standard smart keyboard for 179 bucks. This very nice magic keyboard with a trackpad for 299 the iPad air has the usual colours. There’s grey silver and rose gold but there’s also new colours a light green or this sky blue colour. so this is all about the apple iPad air.

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