Toshiba Quits Their Laptop Business

Hey, guys how you all doing. Today I have bad news for Toshiba lovers. Earlier Toshiba sold 80 of its pc business to sharp back in 2018. But last week Toshiba made it official by selling its remaining stake in laptops to sharp. Which should mark the end of its time in the computer business Toshiba may not have been a big player in laptops. In recent years but it’s still worth a look back at their history. They were one of the pioneers of portable computers as well as a company that fully embraced.

The weird gadget ethos of early 2000 as such some of its most noteworthy hardware was a bit ahead of its time. But looking at a few of Toshiba’s most innovative devices shows a company that correctly predicted some big tech trends. Even if it didn’t always capitalize on them perhaps the most significant Toshiba device is its first laptop 1100. Which went on sale all the way back in 1985.


Toshiba Portable Computers

At the time portable computers were exceedingly rare and Toshiba described it as the world’s first mass-market laptop. The computer was a nine-pound beige box. That had specification comparable to the original IBM desktop PCA 4.77 megahertz intel adc88 cpu256 kilobytes of ram. And a monochrome screen that could display 25 lines of text and had a 640 by 200 resolution it didn’t have a hard drive but it did have a 3.5-inch floppy drive. Built right in by 1985 standards that’s pretty impressive considering you could fold the entire thing up and take it with you.

And according to a 1986 info world article the 1100 successor the 1100 plus had a battery rated for seven hours. There are still plenty of laptops in2020 that don’t hit that mark and the 1100s design set the standard for early laptops. Until apple shook things up with the first power book in 1991. Toshiba’s satellite 5200 from 2003had a lot more in common with modern laptops than 1100.

But it also feels very much like a product of its time back. Then computer manufacturers were keen to copy the curving designs of apple’s original I mac. The 5200 had some style all of its own but it feels firmly set in an era where hard edges were a no doubt. But what’s really unique about the 5200 is that. Toshiba had the audacity to ship model that had a built-in tv tuner and Microsoft’s media centre software. so, guys, this is it.

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