Some Unique Skills and Commands of Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa today I like to share Some Useful unique commands or skills you might not know about Amazon Alexa. So here we go.

1. This is the first skill is very useful for a person like me who goes to bed late. And wakes up late on weekends and never gets anything done. So I can say set a recurring alarm for every weekend at 10 a.m. and there you go now actually get stuff done on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. This skill is pretty useful if you have a home landline and you get weird calls. And you don’t quite know where they’re coming from so I can say open phone check welcome to phone number check. I can tell you some available information about a phone number just tell me a 10 digit phone number. Start with any code the mobile phone number through Sprint corporation is from Lincoln there you go. I totally made up that phone number it identified a location and if you’ve got a weird phone call. And you didn’t know where it was coming from you could ask Alexa to find that out for you.

3. This is pretty cool if you ask Alexa to play some random music for you and you. Like a track that’s playing you can ask her what it is or what it’s called so let’s first you play some jazz. Got it the station smooth jazz free on Amazon music so say I like this piece. And I say what’s playing this is tango by Kenny Grand there you go if I didn’t know that song.

4. This skill here is a special one so I can say open any review audio like iPad pro 12 points 9 inches refurbished. Unboxing after the phone I had I finally pulled the trigger and bought the iPad pro twelve point nine inches the

5. This skill is really nice if you’re somebody who is an avid movie watcher. So we can say what movies are coming out next month here are a few February 2020 movies. Portrait of a lady on fire Sonic the Hodge on the call of the wild the lodge.


6. It is a pretty nice one as well if you’re somebody who cannot sleep in just silence you can actually use. Your Alexa as a sort of sound machine so we can say open sweet dreams welcome to sweet dreams for an ambient sound say the sound for meditation. Say meditational can also say the name of the specific sound or meditation that you want sounds starting Forest sounds. Here we go and this might help you sleep if once again silence is just too scary for you.

7. It is for podcast listener sand if you’re feeling like something humorous you can ask play a funny podcast choosing. A funny podcast for you here’s welcome tonight Vale from tune in a big special new year’s day announcement.

8. This skill is pretty useful if you’re somebody who likes to listen to the radio. So I can say for example play 100.3 getting your 100.3 wynk station from I Heart Radio stop doing copyright.

9. Here we are with the next skill it is for film enthusiasts who want to know the IMDB rating of a particular movie. So I could say what was the IMDB rating of the Joker. It has an IMDB rating of 8.7out o 10 it’s currently number ten on the list of the most popular movies on IMDB and rated R.

10. It is for people who actually use alarms with this device. So I can say for example set an alarm for 8:20 p.m. second alarm set for 8:20 p.m. and now. We wait so if you are a lazy piece of like I am and you want to sleep in a little more you can say snooze for six minutes. Okay snoozing for six minutes so you can get your six minutes in without falling asleep. And opening your eyes two hours later.

11. It is pretty popular you may have even heard of it but if you haven’t you can get Alexis to announce certain things especially on other Alexa devices. That you might have throughout your house so I can say an ounce. Why did my light just turn off announcing why did my light just turnoff not never can’t something just work.

12. The next skill is pretty cool you can actually learn about the history of the day the exact day. That you’re living in right now so we could say launch this day in history welcome back to this day in history. From history calm what month and day would you like to hear about January 5th 2018 & January 8th 1976. On this day in 1976 Crazy Horse and his warriors outnumbered low on a mission and forced to use. Outdated weapons to defend themselves fight their final losing battle against. The U.S. Cavalry in Montana.

13. This is a little cheeky one if you can’t make a decision you can ask flip a coin you go. The ads and there you go if somebody wanted heads you’re getting Chinese or tails you would have gotten Thai I don’t know.

14. This one that I’ve referenced in the past that I liked it so much. So I want to talk about it again it’s a game that you can play with this device. We can say let’s play jeopardy did you know that every Jeopardy category has an extra sixth clue.

15. This skill is another funny one we can say flatter me okay here’s Complete bot are you a genie because you grant my wish every time you talk to me.

16. This skill is for people who like TED talks we can say ask TED Talks to play at the latest talk welcome back to TED Talks. Ok here’s the latest TED talk Emma Shatner the secret weapon that let dinosaurs take over the planet. Which is 10 minutes long the story I’m going to tell you happened over 200 million years the next 18. Is great for people who are always travelling or wanting to know the price of plane tickets. So we can say ask kayak where I can go for a hundred dollars sure thing. Where do you want to fly out from for around $100 Detroit kayaks data suggests that $100. Could get you to Longview Brunswick Lubbock and more and there you go now I know where I can go with that given budget.

17. This command is great for people who listen to a lot of music with their Alexa device. If you want more bass you can say increase the bass and after that, your music will sound bass ear. If you want it to sound like that oh hey this lad with the burning passion in my heart.

18. This Command is one of my favourites here we can learn about stock prices and just current figures and stuff. So we can say ask the fool the motley fool give me the name of a company or asked me about how your watch list is doing. Apple closed at 303 dollars and 19 cents in January of 2020 up 4 dollars and 80 cents well 1.6 1%. And there you go I learned more about the Apple stock without having to touch my phone. So about that custom skill of mine which I think is super dope what’s cool is you can make one for yourself. As well with we cast all you have to do is head over to their site hope this Amazon Alexa article was helpful to you.

As you guys think about more Skills of Amazon Alexa its Countless…

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