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Go Hyper Local. How? Lets Learn from Google

Learning, unlearning consumer behavior can be deeply confounding.

In a data-driven digital world, getting hold of the minuscule bits of compelling user needs can make or break your marketing campaign.

The finer the moments are, trickier it gets for SEO experts to optimize the website content to rank better in Google.


Wondering what are these moments that have captured the fancy of Google? 

Google defines these micro-moments as “critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends”.

These moments can be as trivial as

  1. Which is the nearest Cafe coffee Day near me right now?
  2. How many Math Home tutors are near my house?
  3. How many pet shops are near my sector?

The next thing to do: Bring your smartphone out and start searching on Google.

Nearly half (46%) of consumers depend on smartphone to complete the entire process from researching to buying.

Voice Assistant

That’s how dependent we are on digital devices for every single need of ours. From setting the wake-up calls, to tracking the calorie intake to checking the time, buying movie tickets to placing orders, we barely operate without smartphone.  Right?

And that’s how Google is targeting mobile users to provide the best possible search results. Every tap on the smartphone amounts to micro moments comprising of an action that seeks some answer.

Google does not take these transient moments lightly. In fact, moving on the same lines, Google whipped up some invaluable insight via Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile:

  • 65% depend on smartphone to get most valuable information,
  • 90% of such participants are indecisive about their brand preference as they search online,
  • 82% still Google on their smartphones after visiting their store,
  • and ‘how-to’ searches on YouTube are soaring 70% year-over-year.

Google is Closing in and Like How!

The Journey towards going hyper-local…

For years, Google’s algorithms have been keeping SEO experts on tenterhooks wondering what next would hit them. All this just to serve the best results to serve the exact user intent and keep their end users happy!

Once searching was just another purpose of Google. But now, it’s a power house of unlimited information to answer all the possible questions users can fathom.

Owing to this evolution, and the relevance these micro-moments hold, SEO has shifted from global search to local and now HYPER-LOCAL.

What does that mean? SEO experts have a herculean task ahead to dig the heels deeper and clutch these micro moments and provide the most relevant solutions that are ranked well – SERP.

For any business, local SEO is important and managed with the following:

  1. Hyperlocal Keywords:

Close in the gap and optimize for specific locations and time.

For instance, instead of ‘coffee shops in Brooklyn’, use ‘coffee shops near the Brooklyn bridge’.

It’s safe to assume that if someone is searching for a coffee shop on their mobile device, he or she is actively pursuing a tangible action (coffee service). Without any doubt, it fits in the micro-moment.

Assume situations such as

  • Let’s take a quick lunch before heading to the airport.
  • I am locked outside the house.
  • I am wrongly arrested.

In all the cases, users need immediate solutions. Google will optimize the search results according to the current location of the users.

Let’s take a detour to know how the results pan out if you are using desktop…

Remember, mobile search results are different from that of desktops. A study from BrightEdge reported:

  • 57% of traffic germinates from mobile and tablet search
  • 79% of keywords have different ranks between mobile and desktop
  • 47% of keywords in the 1-20 positions are ranked differently between mobile and desktop

What do you deduce out of it?

There is fundamental shift with search marketers aligning with device-based SEO that espouse quick action. As scores of people are using smartphones to make product decisions, SEO has even got a bigger role to play right in the moment!

First line of action?  The content has to be developed with mobile-first perspective considering their proximity to the location to initiate immediate results – call for quotes, personal visit, purchase, pick up order etc.

In 2015, searches for “near me” and “nearby” witnessed a rise of 80 percent. Google catalogues is under the “I-want-to-go moments” – -search criteria to proceed towards a tangible action.

  • Business Address: Make sure your updated business location information is listed on the official website, and other social media pages – Facebook, Twitter etc and other directory listings you operate.
  • Directory Listings: Make sure your business is listed in all relevant local directories, including YellowPages, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google My Business. Keep the business data same across all the listings.

While you’re make concerted efforts to prune the local SEO, Google is going ultra-specific capturing the micro moments.

Let’s face it. It is hard to configure these passing moments. Apart from the persistent localization already explained, we have outlined some factors that can help Optimizing for Hyperlocal Micro-Moments

  • ‘Mobile-First’

Many studies have backed that mobile devices have largely influenced consumer behavior.

Reflecting upon another combined study by Google and IPSOS, 91% of smartphone users admitted to use their smartphones whilst performing a task; another 82% use their mobile phones before buying, and 10% them have changed their purchasing decision in consequent.

It’s an absolute must for local businesses to optimize content for their mobile devices. That nowhere shuns the desktop search.

In fact, a Comscore’s recent study has reinforces multi-device trend stating that “multi-screening” is still the norm, where 76% of internet users use both mobile and desktop.

Be aggressive with mobile yet do not mean to underplay the desktop.

  • Local Does Not Mean Random

Google’s local search results are specifically configured to provide crucial information that shapes micro-moments. For instance, to encourage hotel bookings, include reviews/ratings to gain more traction.

Use the triggering words – highly-recommended, ‘cheap’, ‘highly-recognized’ etc. to get emotional response.

Use Google Business listing to add all the fundamental information about your business – business’ name, address, phone number and website.

Remember, intrinsically, Google’s local listings are connected to local SEO. Optimize it well to get the nearest and best results. If you’re unaware on how to pursue your Google My Business listing, please reach out to iMark Infotech.

  • No Replacement To Useful Content

Google algorithms have evolved in the best interest of its users. Keeping that in consideration, create website content that reflect upon the popular mobile searches – the in-moment solutions.

Be specific with the content, situation and location to provide very precise solutions. It may look hard to target the short-lived moments, give a fair try to come close to the various search possibilities.

  • Location-based Landing Pages

Create custom landing pages targeted for different locations. Each landing page ought to be a crisp copy of your product/service and contains the business information – address, ZIP code, local neighborhoods.

Structured data markup (also known as schema markup) lets you add crucial information on your webpage that Google can easily read through.

This includes business type, hours, address, phone number, longitude and latitude, and several other factors that can influence your hyperlocal search results.

In the nutshell…

For local businesses gearing up to draw more customers, in their stores or online, those passing yet pivotal moments – micro moments are important.

If you’re operating locally – a retail shop, car service or any other business – and facing stiff competition, strategize on these micro-moments and strengthen your hyperlocal SEO!

Remember, trumping over the micro-moments opens up implausible opportunities for your website to rank ahead earliest than the competitors. Play smart in the micro-moments and get more customers right in front of your business.

As you delve deeper, iMark Infotech promises to engineer impeccable solutions that bring you leap ahead of your business adversaries. Lean on our astute SEO experts for incisive research and create digital solutions that shape your future. You can write to us at [email protected] and get eligible for free trial.

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