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Taylor Swift’s Inspiring Speech for the Class of 2022 at NYU

Taylor Swift Inspiring Speech

Taylor Swift’s hit single “22” gets an entirely new meaning after appearing on stage alongside New York University’s class 2022.

“I’m 100% sure that my reason for being here is that I’ve got a song titled “22,” joked Taylor Swift in delivering the commencement speech for New York University’s 2022 class at an event on Wednesday. The pop icon was presented with an honorary doctorate before providing an entertaining and reflective address that ran… not 22 minutes, not 22, but just a bit more than 23 minutes.

“Last time I played in a stadium of this size I was in heels dancing and wearing a glitzy dress,” Swift noted. “This style is better suited to me.”
Swift didn’t mention the songs she has penned to her chart-topping hit list during her address but did acknowledge her inevitable fate when she said to those who aren’t local to her and family members of graduate, “Let me say to you: I am glad to be in New York — it’s been waiting for you.”
She went on to say, “I’d like to thank NYU for making me, on paper, at the very least, an aspiring doctor.

This is not the kind that you’d prefer to have around in the event of an emergency, except if your particular crisis was that you needed an uplifting song that had an enticing hook and an intensely emotionally uplifting bridge.

If your situation was that you required an individual who can identify over 50 different breeds of cats in minutes.”


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The Grammy-winning songwriter and singer were awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa, at the Manhattan-based university Wednesday. She delivered the commencement address along with a hilarious joke.

“The primary reason that I’m here is that I’m a singer in a song titled “22,” she declared “22,” she stated as she thanked her university as well as the students and expressed her gratitude to her parents.

NYU declared the Yankee Stadium occasion “an unprecedented doubleheader occasion” when it celebrated the graduating class of 2018 and students of the 2020 and 2021 classes, whose graduation ceremonies were delayed because of the COVID-19 virus.

“Hi Taylor, I’m Taylor,” Swift opened her speech at the commencement. “Last time I played in a stadium of this size I could not dance in my heels. I also was a glittery leotard. This one is better suited to me.”

Swift was the first to enter at the end of the fashion as the other students, sporting doctoral regalia and a red lip. She was holding Peace signs and handing out a wave at the crowd before she took her place and the rest of the graduates’ platform party.

The performer addressed the 2022 class on behalf of honorary degree recipients. This included the lifelong disability rights advocate Judith Heumann, who received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

Swift was presented with the Doctor of Fine Arts honor from Jason King, chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, an NYU Tisch School of the Arts. King was greeted with a loud round of applause and an exaggerated/hilarious facial expression from Swift in the context of the many songs he listed among her achievements. He mentioned: “two recorded studio albums that were re-recorded.” This was a connection with the “Taylor’s Version” album series that she began after her separation From Big Machine; he further stated that Swift has “fearlessly confronted the oppression of musicians” throughout her career.

Swift expressed her gratitude to the graduates for surviving under challenging situations, “essentially locked into your dorms, or having to take classes via Zoom.

Every college student, during standard times, worries about the scores on tests, and in addition, you were also required to pass thousands of COVID tests. I’m sure the thought of a typical college experience was what you wanted.

In this instance, however, we both discovered that you can’t always have all of the items inside the bag you chose from the menu of the delivery service in the real world. You only get what you pay for. And, as I’d like to tell you, you ought to be incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished using it.”

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