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Louie Gohmert of Texas  Tests Positive For Coronavirus
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Louie Gohmert of Texas Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas who was most well known as the member of congress. Has tested positive for coronavirus he's refused to wear a mask. And yesterday he was walking with William Barr the attorney general. Who was testifying who he could have infected and he consistently made claims? Like this about COVID-19 and I do want to tell our media friends before. They write stories about how we didn't wear masks and we didn't possibly socially distance. Adequately that you saw to it that we had tests and that nobody in here has the coronavirus unless. It's somebody in the media so the only reason we would wear masks. If we were trying to protect ourselves from you in the media and we're not scared of you such.That's why we can be here like this you know in the last we...