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Saints Vs Dolphins: Ian Book Makes First Career Start

Ian Book

He is set to make his first career start against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football. This will be Book’s first career start as a starter. He had a rough debut, but he showed signs of improvement this week. Read on to find out more about the rookie’s development.

With a few mistakes and inconsistencies, Book can flash as a young quarterback. He is also mobile and can produce on the ground. However, there are a lot of questions about his arm strength and processing. If he can win this game, the Dolphins could be in trouble. The Saints will have to win the game to stay in the playoff picture. In case of a loss, Book will be under pressure to prove himself as a starter.

On the Dolphins’ first drive, Book sacked backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett on 3rd and 1. The second series was an eight-yard pass to Tracy Humphrey. The third series ended with a sack to Book. The Saints couldn’t score a touchdown until the second quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Dolphins punted. If Book didn’t get any first downs, he’ll be able to make his NFL debut next week.

IAN Book


While Book started off deep on the depth chart, he has now been elevated to the first-team roster. The team has a few injuries on the offensive line, but the quarterbacks should be healthy and ready to play. After a redshirt freshman season, he is now a starter after four years. The Dolphins’ defense was dominant as usual, and Josh Boyer’s blitzes resulted in some dropped defenders.

The Saints’ offense had a tough time adjusting to Book, but the Saints have adjusted to the aggressive front and he’ll have to make a big game to make a comeback. It’s not easy to be the starter in the NFL, but he’s proven to be a solid option in the past. With no one else on the field, he’ll have the opportunity to make a big impact on the game.

The fourth-round pick from Notre Dame was thrown to Book in his first career start. The quarterback did not fare very well in his first NFL game. He finished 12/20 with only one touchdown and no rushing for six yards. The Saints’ defense did its best to stop the Dolphins’ passing attempts, but the quarterback still managed to complete only nine of his 20 passes. That was good enough for his NFL debut, but he struggled with the offensive line. After all, he took eight sacks and was 0-for-12 on third downs.

The Saints were down to their last starting quarterback in Week 7. They were able to sacked Book eight times. Despite that, the Saints still managed to stay in the game with the help of Book’s defense. The game ended 20-3, and the Saints are now 7-8 on the season. They will be back to the starting quarterback position in the second half of the season. They’ll be in the playoffs this year, but it’s important to remember Book’s first career start will be his last.

With the Saints being without Jameis Winston, Ian Book will be the fourth starting quarterback. The rookie showed promise in the preseason and has an exciting skill set. He’ll make his first career start on Monday, and he’s likely to continue playing until he can be cleared to play. The first game he played as a college quarterback was against the Miami Hurricanes. While the Saints did not score a touchdown, he did score three touchdowns.

Although he had a rough start, Book’s performance was impressive. Despite his inexperience, he was a strong start for the Irish and was able to lead the team to two victories. The first came against the Saints in the Miami Citrus Bowl, and the other was against the Saints in the 2018 season opener. The Miami Dolphins’ offense did not have a clear running game in the first half, and the game ended with a fumble after a turnover on the Dolphins’ fourth down.

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