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Russian Ukraine War has Caused a Furor

Russia-Ukraine War

The Russian-Ukraine war has caused a furor. These big companies of the world wrapped up their business.

Russia Ukraine War: The impact of the war that is raging between Russia as well as Ukraine is also being observed as a negative impact on the economy. Many firms, such as Apple, Google have made numerous announcements in order to restrict their operations in Russia.

The impact of any type of conflict is evident in the economy and business. Similar effects are being witnessed following the conflict that erupted between Russia as well as Ukraine. Large corporations around the globe seek to ensure that their workers are in Ukraine as well as Russia. As a result, some businesses are deciding to stop doing business with Russia as well as Ukraine. Certain companies are reviewing their operations in Russia.

The companies shut down their factories in Ukraine

Brewer Carlsberg and Japan Tobacco have closed their factories in Ukraine. In addition, UPS and FedEx Corp have suspended their operations in as well as outside of Ukraine.

These companies have taken these steps with regard to Russia

Apple has shut down its sales in Russia. Apple said in an announcement that it was extremely concerned by this Russian attack. The company is unable to access online services such as Apple Pay within Russia.

Facebook’s parent company has announced it was blocking access for Russian news sites RT as well as Sputnik. This announcement was made for all of the European Union.

Twitter has also made an announcement that it will lower the visibility and the analysis of content from Russian State media. Netflix has also stated in the last week it will no longer be broadcasting Russian state TV channels within the country.

Spotify also made a move

Spotify announces the closing of its offices in Russia. “We are extremely surprised and deeply saddened by the insanity of the attack on Ukraine,” a company spokesperson said.

Google’s YouTube has announced that it is blocking Russian state media as well as RT in Ukraine this weekend. YouTube has stated that it has significantly reduced the suggestions for these media channels.

Google and YouTube have also announced that they would not permit Russian public media outlets to display advertisements or monetize their content.

Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky said in a tweet on Thursday that the company will be stopping any operations within Russia as well as Belarus.

They also reviewed their business

Companies looking to review and end or limit their activities with Russia as well as Ukraine include companies like Disney, Boing, BP, General Motors, Volkswagen, Master Card, Ikea, Diageo, Volvo, Daimler, and Renault.

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