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Rapper Goonew’s Dead Body Put for Public Viewing in DC Nightclub

Goonew's Dead Body

The body of Rapper Goonew’s deceased rapper was displayed on display for the public to view in a DC nightclub

Washington Bliss nightclub apologized following an abominable spectacle where the body of rapper Goonew was shown on the stage of the funeral of his own. The funeral ceremony was held on Sunday, just days after the hip-hop star was shot dead at the age of 24 years old.

“Our sincerest condolences to the Goonew family, friends, and fans,” the venue wrote in a statement. The statement was posted the post on Instagram Tuesday by Shade Room. “Bliss was approached by a funeral home in the area to let the venue for Goonew’s homegoing celebration.

“Bliss was never informed of the events that would take place. We would like to apologize to anyone who might be offended or angry,” the venue continued. “Please ensure that Goonew’s loved ones members and friends are in your thoughts during this time of sorrow.”

The tweet was shared in the context of trending Twitter videos that purportedly showed the dead rapper whose real name was Markelle Morrow, apparently propped up on the stage at Bliss nightclub, while mourners rumbled about him in the style of the crowd at an Irish wake. The hip-hopper’s remains were dressed in a hoodie and a jewel-encrusted watch and an emerald crown.

A person who was at the macabre viewing for the public, called “The Last Show,” confirmed that there was a 40-dollar fee to enter the venue, as the Shade Room wrote in an earlier blog.

Although it was initially unclear if the body was actually Goonew’s or a mannequin general belief is that the corpse was actually Goonew’s.

“During the ceremony, Goonew’s body was propped up on the stage dressed in designer clothes as well as a crown,” Shade Room wrote on Instagram. As per XXLMag, Black Fortune — an artist who was on stage at the event wrote in the Instagram story: “No this ain’t no wax figure. My Brodie was out gansta.”

Social media has found the act offensive and insensitive.

“No way Goonew Mama would have approved that s-t. It’s tragic and offensive,” wrote one aghast fan on Twitter. Another said: “if y’all saw that video featuring Goonew’s body, you should not tell me that the society isn’t already sunk … ”

“This is insane,” spluttered another gawker on the “Gram. “WHO did you think this was a Good Idea?”

Even hip-hop legend 50 Cent weighed in on Twitter by writing: “oh s-t ! I just realized what this means.”

Another tweeter, who is believed to be an employee of the bar — was shocked when they arrived and claimed they weren’t aware prior to arriving at the venue about what they saw.

“Imagine entering the workplace and you see a body that’s been buried displayed. They didn’t inform us, and didn’t even tell us that they weren’t aware,” they wrote. “When I say I’ve been traumatized this year, I am referring to it.”

Morrow was reported to have been killed by an unidentified attacker at District Heights, Maryland, on the 18th of March, according to an announcement made by the Prince George’s County Police Department, Complex reported.

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“Once they arrived on the scene they found an adult male who was suffering from a gunshot injury,” as per the police department. “The victim was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The victim was pronounced dead at around. 7:15 p.m. The victim was declared dead at around 7:30 p.m.”

The police are offering a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of an individual who was involved in the shooting.

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