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Perseid Meteor Shower Expected To Peak


If you look up at the sky tonight you just might be able to see something. Like this, you’re looking at the annual perseid meteor shower. And it’s expected to reach its peak and that means stargazers will have a chance to see. Some people keeping an eye on the sky tonight. Today we will talk about the expectation here so we’re going to see a lot of meteors. And I can actually feel confident enough in saying that you know. So on any given night, you can see one or two a few meteors here. And there but with meteor showered like the perseid sum what happens is earth goes through. Basically plows through this debris leftover from passing as Termidor comes. And that increases our chances of seeing more meteors and the perseids known for producing. Under ideal conditions up to 100 meters an hour now don’t expect to see that necessarily.

But for example, I went out last night and I caught a spectacular one that’s streaked across the sky. And that’s over Toronto with city lights and honestly with a street light. Right in front of my house so we can actually expect to see long streaks fireballs. So these are bright meteors and honestly, you won’t be disappointed. But neat we need some tips here what’s the best way for people. To watch tonight well of course clear sky so but you want to get to a dark sky location.

That is first which you know I just said that a meteor over the city. But you know what you need to get away from city lights from light sources. Go to a park or a beach that’s first the other thing is you got to remember for perseid. Stay off the phone it takes a time it takes a while for our eyes to adjust. To the dark so that light from your phone that can interrupt that adjustment. And it could take up to 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust. The other thing is you don’t have to look necessarily. Straight up you can look towards the east and towards the constellation of Perseus.

Where these meteors seem to be coming from and that’s in the east that constellation. Rises shortly around 9:30 and then the other thing is as well if you if you’re a late-night kind of person. You can stay up just before dawn and that’s actually when the meteor. But first, honestly get to the dark sky and be patient.

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