Cell Phone Addiction In Children’s Now a Days

Did you know 80% of children’s check their Cell phones every five minutes its crazy… Today’s article is about Cell phone addiction now I may have an addiction myself. But that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it in fact who knows it better than me there are many people with addictions. Different things but in my opinion cell phone addiction is a number one word. Now hold on a second I’m sure many of you are thinking that that’s not me I’m not addicted now.

Take a second to think about how many times a day you use your phone or just check your phone. What happens to you when you lose your phone are you calm and settled or do you freak out. There are actually people who have a panic attack it’s called nomophobia or as I personally like to call. It no phone phobia it is when you panic if you don’t have your phone in your pocket or you can’t find it. I’ve seen this happen on many occasions in our house but don’t feel alone.


Cell Phone


In fact, there are 1.5 billion people in China 24 and many of them suspected to addicted to technology. That is almost three-quarters of Canada’s population it is so crazy. That parents are putting their children into institutions to detoxify them of Technology. But they are not the only ones having this problem it’s happening in Britain Spain. And several other countries and I believe that these detox centres will soon be in Canada now. The big question is why are people so addicted well here’s my answer take social media. For an example every single time you post a photo let’s say in a matter of 10 seconds you get 4 likes.

Those 4 likes may be small but it affects your mind in a huge way those 10seconds of happiness. Sends a message to your brain saying I want more so then you post another photo. And another photo just to see how many likes you get now. You are spending every five minutes of your day checking to see. If someone liked your photo even if that someone is from across the world. And you’ve never met them before that’s on like a pretty big waste of a day. But it is not just kids I’m talking about its adults too it’s like people don’t talk to people.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and two people aren’t on a date… They don’t even look at each other. They are too busy on their devices talking to someone else or screenshotting their dinner. And sending it to someone that isn’t even there Wow a nice date night great spending time. With you and your phone, it’s like we live in a virtual world where we can’t even feel comfortable with the people we love. I just want to say that pay attention to the little things. That makes you happily enjoy the moments that are right in front of you. And as Steve Jobs once said your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

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