US Elections – President Began a late-campaign tour of 8 states

For days, Trump has blasted a “caravan” of President Donald Trump began a It costs that the United States”billions of dollars,” Trump denounced Late-campaign tour of eight states on Wednesday by stoking Florida Republicans over immigration, a psychological issue that stirs voters of both parties.
Meanwhile, said Trump’s targeting of migrants will push their voters to the polls, helping their party win control of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.
Migrants from Central America that is hundreds of miles out of the U.S. border; threatened to send up to 15,000 troops to guard that border; also talked about an executive order to stop birthright citizenship, despite legal scholars who say he can’t.
For the caravan, people, you do not have to worry about that,” Trump told supporters at a rally near Fort Myers, Florida, adding that”a vote for Democrats is a vote to curtail America’s borders.”
Democrats, “We’re getting ready Birthright citizenship as a”crazy policy” It is, however, a Claiming Constitutional right, and legal scholars state the 14th Amendment is clear in conferring citizenship on any person born in the United States, even if their parents are undocumented.


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Kristel Marquez
Kristel Marquez
1 year ago


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