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Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owens Split After 2 Months of Marriage

Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owens

Meghan King and Cuffe Biden have separated

Meghan King and Cuffe Biden have separated, the couple announced on their Instagram. The couple has been married since 2011. Their wedding ceremony was held in a small Pennsylvania church in front of family and friends. President Barack Obama and First Lady Jill attended. While there is no official word about the divorce, the marriage was a happy occasion for the couple. Despite the rumors, the two appear to be very happy with their new relationship.

After a brief engagement, the former ‘Real Housewives’ star and the nephew of Joe Biden announced their marriage in October 2021. The couple married on October 11, 2021. They began dating four weeks before the ceremony and went Instagram official on September 29. Upon their announcement, they shared photos of their families together. Meanwhile, Meghan has removed Cuffe’s last name from her Instagram page. The couple is no longer married.

Meghan King

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The couple’s wedding was attended by President Joe Biden and First Lady Biden. Their relationship lasted just one year, but both Meghan and Cuffe have been busy. Both have busy schedules. However, they still find time to spend together. Whether or not they are back together is unclear at this time, as they were never close. It is not known if they will get back together. The split is definitely bittersweet for both parties. Hopefully, the split will be amicable and the two can move on with their lives.

Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owens married in October

Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owens are now officially a thing of the past. They married in October but announced their separation on Instagram on Sept. 25. The wedding was attended by President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama. The couple also shared a series of comments on social media after the split. The news came as a surprise to many people, but the two remain very close. Even the name of the groom has been deleted from their Instagram page.

‘I’m sorry to hear about this. I can’t imagine that we’d do the same. But we’re all not perfect, so I guess we can’t really blame Meghan King or Cuffe Biden for their split. But there are things that can be done to make the relationship work better. The first step is, to be honest about the problems they had. Marriage has been very important for both of them.

In October, the former couple shared a sexting scandal

The couple started dating in September 2017 and engaged on 11 October 2021 in Pennsylvania. In October, the former couple shared a sexting scandal. The nanny was arrested and reported guilty of leaking her emails. After the divorce, the former couple denied the affair. The rumors, however, didn’t stop them from getting married. It seemed that they were ‘disappealing’ and broke up in February.


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The couple has been married since October 11. The couple was seen out and about in San Diego with their kids. The couple’s alleged affair with a nanny was revealed in a sexting scandal. They have yet to address the issue, but their divorce is very messy. The couple has been inseparable since their wedding, and their children have been together since then. They are both strong partners’ in the community and have worked hard to keep each other happy.

In October, the couple announced their divorce. After the sexting scandal, they announced their separation from each other. They dated for four weeks before the rumor hit the news. The couple is now a single parent. In the meantime, the two are still dating, but they are still working out the details of the split. Their children were reportedly the reason they separated, and they had no choice but to stay together.

In October, Jim Edmonds and Kim King announced their separation. The two are now inseparable, but they were married for four weeks. Their children are well-cared for by their parents. Their kids are the main reason for their divorce. The couple has a son, and a daughter. They have been married since October 11 and have two children. During that time, they’ve been spending time together.

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