Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Raised Voice to Protect Black Women

Stallion Raised Voice to Protect Black Women

Stallion whose real name is “Megan Thee Stallion” has faced various attacks for two years after allegedly being shot by a male rapper in 2020.

The controversy reignited this month when Drake released new songs seeming to mock the shooting the Grammy winners survive.

Women activists and leaders coming to her defense over the last few days.

Black activists says

Exec. Dir., Southern Black Girls and Women Consortium, Malikah Berry Rogers says” – “Black women lived at this intersection between sexism and racism, and we’ve had for generations.”

Treva Lindsey, professor of women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, The Ohio State University says “There is the silence that still surrounds gender and sexual violence, particularly against marginalized women like Megan Thee. We don’t talk enough about the ways that misogyny plays out in real time.”

Meghan’s experience pushing her to speak out performances like this one on Staurday Nigh Live demanding that the country protect black women.

Meghan’s says during her performance, “We need to protect our black women and love our black women because at the end of the day we need our black women.”

Activists say Meghan’s experience is emblematic of the disproportionate violence black women and girls face daily in America. Four black women were killed every day in 2020, and black women are three times as likely to be killed by a man than white women.

It was July of 2020 when Meghan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot by Reper Tory Lanez in Los Angeles. This TMZ video shows the aftermath of the alleged shooting. Meghan seems struggling to walk leaving bloody footprints.

Laura Stylez is co-host at Hot97, New York City’s flagship hip hop radio station.

A question ask to Laura Stylez about Two years ago when Meghan Thee Stallion was shoot. She says “I remember when the headlines were all coming out it was a shoker to all of us. You know when any of our our favorite artists are hurt or in the in the news for something sad or tragic or scary. Tory Lanez denied it, he claims he’s innocent, and he claims that the truth will come out when the case is open to the public.”

Meghan opening up about the shooting in an interview with CBS’S Gail King earlier this year. “All I hear is this man screaming is they said this he start shooting and I am just like, Oh my God. And I didn’t even want to move. I don’t want to move too quick. Because I’m like, Oh my God, if I take the wrong step. I don’t know if he can shoot something that’s like super important. I don’t know people shoot me a kill.”

Tory Lanez was charged with felony assault and has pleaded not guilty. His trial begins at the end of this month. His attorneys did not respond to requests for comment. It took over a month for Meghan to say publicly who she claimed shot her.

In a webcam interview with Treva Lindsey says “So often instances of interpersonal and intimate violence people often remain silent. And in the case of black women in particular, you don’t feel that you’ll be believed if you come forward especially if it’s someone who other people know as well.”

For Rumors that Meghan was making up the story swirled online and then the hip hop world, leading the rapper to fire back with this tweet.


But this month more scrutiny this new song called “Circa Loco by Drake and Savage 21” seen by many as mocking this shotting.

Meghan herself tweeting

Drake has not responded publicly or to ABC News’s request for comment.

Malikah Berry Rogers says “She is not clickbait. She’s not a headline. She’s not merely her persona on on records in the context of albums. She is a woman whose feelings get hurt who’s feeling who deserves to be protected no matter how big is.”

The Drake song sparking some prominent thought leaders and lawmakers to show their support for Meghan is open letter from the southern black girls and women consortium saying “we are committed to making this world safer for you”.

The stallions foundation thanked the collective for the letter she’s worked with the group in the past since the alleged shooting. Meghan star has only continued to rise winning three Grammys in 2021. Just today getting nominated for another Grammys.

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