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Corona Uncontrollable in USA, 4 lakh cases everyday, Defense Minister also infected

Lloyd Austin US Defense Secretary Corona positive

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Sunday that he has been found to be corona infected. Austin has said in the statement that he underwent a home test on Sunday after having some symptoms. Austin said, he has informed his leadership, including US President Joe Biden, that he has been found infected.
Like the rest of the world, Corona continues to wreak havoc in the USA. On average, 4 lakh cases are being reported every day in America. Here on New Year i.e. 1 January also 3 lakh cases were reported. Meanwhile, US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin has also been found to be Corona positive.

Lloyd Austin met Biden on December 21

Lloyd Austin said, his staff has started contract tracing and the investigation of people who came in contact with me has started. Austin said I met President Biden for the last time on December 21. He also went to the Pentagon for the last time on Thursday.

4 lakh cases are coming every day in the USA.

In the USA, an average of 4 lakh cases are being reported every day. The cases are increasing rapidly due to the Omicron variant here. Meanwhile, the US administration has decided to reduce the quarantine time of corona positive patients who have mild symptoms, from 10 days to 5 days. That is, patients who have mild symptoms, will have to stay in quarantine for only 5 days. After this, you will have to wear a mask for the next 5 days. However, this guideline is also being criticized.
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