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LG Changed their 48″ OLED TV to a Gigantic 4K Gaming Monitor


LG OLED TV to Gaming Monitor

Last year, I plopped a huge 48-inch OLED television at my desk to find the screen that would be the best of them all.

It was amazing and had stunning color, rich blacks, G’Sync, and FreeSync Premium in a 120Hz panel. But it wasn’t exactly designed to be the ideal PC screen.

Currently, LG is tailoring its TV a bit more to desk-based use with the brand new LG UltraGear 48GQ900, which includes some features that I wish I could have in the review.

LG C1 48 and CX 48

The most notable of them all is the stand. The LG C1 48 and CX 48 televisions came with the most extensive base, hindering any attempt at managing your cable on the desktop and blocking the remainder of your desk away from your view. The latest UltraGear monitor features the traditional V-shaped foot that raises the entire screen off of the table.

It comes with a two-port USB 3.0 hub that is easily accessible 3.5mm four-pole headset jack if you don’t wish to rely on the 20W built-in stereo speakers and remote controls that could be useful for gaming.

It has a large, honking dial and simple buttons that can change the audio and video outputs muted, power, and even a toggle to activate Gaming Mode. (The TVs came with the TV remote, but there was no button underneath to access menus.)

You can also increase the speed of the display up to 138Hz

The Korean company’s Chinese product page also reveals you can activate an on-screen crosshair and an FPS counter if you’d like. Which are table stakes used for the latest gaming monitors with high-end specs. You can also increase the speed of the display up to 138Hz; however, I’m not sure why you’d need to.

The only thing the press release does not mention. Unfortunately, is the extent to which LG has made its automated algorithm to limit brightness in the way. Which was the main thing that stopped these huge OLED monitors from becoming excellent all-purpose PC monitors earlier.

Although I have found that the LG C1 48 is ideal for gaming on PCs. It was quite a hassle to see the screen continuously blinking when trying to scroll web pages and documents.

The limiters shield the OLED screen from burning in and fading. Still, they’re too aggressive, and other businesses that have developed gaming monitors. Around LG’s OLED displays haven’t designed how to handle this.

The monitor hasn’t made significant improvements to its latest panels

Ratings note that the smaller 42-inch LG C2 is still plagued by the issue of the brightness limiter that is distracting. We contacted LG about the issue and will let you know what we learn.

The second central question is cost

one reason to choose the LG OLED television over a massive gaming monitor is that you may find them in the vicinity of, or one hundred or so near, but not quite, the $1000 mark. If LG were charging a premium for its monitor, this would be difficult to convince.

At present, the most coveted gaming monitor is the Alienware QD-OLED. However, if you’re curious about how it feels to live with a massive LG OLED display. I describe it in great detail within my evaluation!

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LG 48GQ900

According to Company,  the LG 48GQ900 “will start shipping the month of April in Japan with the major markets of North America, Europe, and Asia to follow,” according to the company.

LG OLED TV to Gaming Monitor

There’s also information on the new 32-inch displays, one featuring Display HDR 1000. And one having a 240Hz refresh rate, in the press announcement.

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