Lewis Cine is a tremendous pick for the Vikings to close round one

Lewis Cine is a Tremendous Choice of the Vikings to Finish off the First Round.

Lewis Cine is a tremendous pick for the Vikings to close round one

Georgia soccer Safety Lewis Cine became the fifth Dawg chosen in the opening phase of the 2022 NFL Draft as the Vikings took the last selection of the round to grab him off the field.

With Cine selected and Cine drafted, the Dawgs officially have set a record-setting number of players selected in the initial round. The draft class of 2018 set the record at three however, Wyatt broke the record at four, and Cine was able to break it again at five.

While Wyatt is a huge NFL Draft steal, Cine could be among the Vikings most valuable selections from this draft.

Georgia football will see Lewis Cine drafted by the Vikings at 32nd overall the 2022 NFL Draft.

Cine is a tough head-hunting safety who isn’t scared of anything. He’s a skilled football player who is an effective an important leader within the second line of defense.

Cine went from being an aggressive safety to becoming one of the top college players football due to the fact that Cine was coachable and the head coach Kirby Smart, Will Muschamp as well as the other defensive back coaches taught him how to succeed.

Cine was named the defense champion at the championship game , making seven tackles, a tackle for loss and an interception.

In his time in Georgia, Cine recorded the following: 145 tackles; 96 of that were by himself. 3.5 defensive tackles, 2 interceptions and 16 deflections of passes.

Cine was awed by his incredible speed during his speed at the NFL Combine as he was able to record an astonishing 4.37 40-yard run. However, his interviews helped him stand out from other athletes.

Although the Vikings initially were ranked 12th, they traded down to the 32nd and made an educated choice.

He’ll make a great complement to Vikings”secondary.

Georgia football enjoyed some success in the first round of 2022 NFL Draft and still has 10 players remaining on the list. Although it was somewhat surprising to find Nakobe Dean not included in his first selection, it is likely that he is likely to make an excellent second-round selection.

The Dawgs are in the process of building on this historic beginning into the 2022 NFL Draft. Watch Dawn of the Dawg for first-round analysis, reactions and more , on Friday’s early morning.

Get ready, Dawg fans. The excitement is only getting begun for Georgia and the next two days will be as exciting as the excitement of Thursday night.

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