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Let’s know about White House total rooms and stuff architecture


The White House, located in Washington D.C., is the official residence of the U.S.’s President. It has been serving its purpose since 1800. As per the report, in the year 1971, the first President of America, Georgi Washington had selected the site to build the White House.

In 1972, the building’s first cornerstone was laid down. James Hoban, an Irishman, was the architect of the White House. The building has been termed in different names, such as the Executive Mansion, the President’s House, and the President’s Palace. However, in the year 1901, Theodore Roosevelt, the US president gave it it’s the official name, i.e., The White House.

This amazing and highly secured building is situated between the State Capitol Building and the Washington Monuments.

Understanding the history of the White House

It may sound little unusual, but the initial design of the building arrived from a design contest. The total cost of the construction was $232,371.83. Now it will be around $3,350,711. The construction was completed in 1980. The first US President to reside in the house was John Adams.

In the year 1812, when there was a conflict between the United Kingdom and the United States, the army burnt down the White House which destroyed the interior and exterior of the building. However, James Hoban restored the original beauty of the building.

About the White House’s size

The White House has 142 rooms on its six floors. Besides, it has 28 fireplaces, 35 bathrooms, three elevators and eight staircases. Apart from all this, it has a swimming pool, jogging track, a theatre, tennis court and more. With all these facilities, the President and the family can enjoy some quality times.

The Complex of White House includes the East and West Wind and then Executive Residence. The East Wing is used for the office space of the First Lady, and the West Wing is used for the office space for the President of the United States.

As per the report, the entire building consumes more than 300 gallons of paint for an exterior paint job. In fact, in 1994, the building took around 580 gallons of paint.

The kitchen of the White House can serve dinner to around 150 guests. It has a Situation Room which is located in the building’s basement. This is the place where the President holds meetings with advisors when there is any crisis.


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