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10 Years old Kaylan Park taught a lesson to Anti-Maskers at a board meeting in Ohio

“Ohio’s youngest girl Kaylan Park a charm for everyone” Kaylan Park spoke against the anit-maskers and favored masks at Wednesday night school’s board meeting in Cuyahoga Falls city in Ohio.

Kaylan Park shows her anger against Anit-maskers. She explained that how useful masks are? When she saw other pro-mask supports, she got inspired and gave a speech in favor of mask. She clearly stated that she is against the district mask mandate opponents.

“You’re doing it for your safety,” she said. “It’s like kindness. My teacher tells me when you do something for other people, they can do it back. Wear a mask for them and they’ll wear it back. Just wear a mask for kindness. You’re showing kindness.”

After listening to her, the opponents walking out with anger from the meeting.

Critics were protesting to extends the date of using masks till 29 October, So that the students and the staff can protect from covid-19.
It was a proud moment for that girl. She succeeds in her argument. It is mandatory to use a mask against coronavirus.

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Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

Source: USAToday

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