Kamala Harris decided to run for presidential elections.

Kamala Harris decided to run for presidential elections.

Kamala Harris decided to run for presidential elections.The date was also Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Harris pursued political science and economics degree from Howard University
She is only second black woman to run for U.S president after Shirley Chisholm and also second black woman to be senator.She is also first India senator.She started as Attorney General in 2011 for State of California.During her campaign for U.S senate in 2016 she foccused on five topics: Civil rights, criminal justice reform.Currently she is serving on Homeland Security and Govermental Affairs Committee,the Select Committee on Intelligence, the Committee on the Judiciary, and the Committee on the Budget.She is half Indian and half Jamaican.

Harris was born in 1964 in the city of Oakland.She ranked third in a new, 35,000-vote straw poll of the Daily Kos community, a rough proxy for the Democratic activist base.

She has predesigned approach to follow for Democratical presidential primaries like of Obama.The South Carolina electorate seems ready-made for Harris as, historically, African-American voters cast more than half of all votes in Democratic presidential primaries in the state. Then-Sen. Barack Obama scored a crushing victory over Hillary Clinton in South Carolina in 2008, a win that gave his candidacy a jolt of momentum heading into a series of caucuses in February 2008 that gave him a delegate lead he never relinquished.
Obama’s path is instructive to Harris — and not just because of their race. Obama won the Iowa caucuses on January 3, which allowed him to weather a surprising defeat in the New Hampshire primary on January 8 and make it with some momentum left to the South Carolina primary on January 26.

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