Film Superfly Actor and Rapper Kalan Walker has Sentenced to 50 years in Prison in a Rape Case

The actor and rapper “Kalan Walker” of the film “Superfly” has today sentenced to 50 years in prison in a rape case.

Many rape cases were going on against him. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison in a hearing held on Monday.

Kalan Walker was arrested in September 2018 and released on bond. After being found guilty, he was again taken into custody.

Kalan Walker is only 27 year old

Kalan Walker, 27 year old, has been convicted of two counts of drunkenness, three counts of coercive rape, and two counts of statutory rape.

According to police, the victim alleged that Walker contacted her through social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) and offered to help her professionally.

Kaalan Walker (left) appears alongside Terayle Hill in the 2018 film “SuperFly.” IMDb

Models allege that he used to seduce older people and girls going in this way on the pretext of speaking or posing for a new music video suite.

Walker’s lawyer said that Kalan Walker’s career was completely ruined and, it was no less than a nightmare for him.

Walker starred alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in the 2017 film “Kings.”

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