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Amazing Victoria Beckham Looks After Morning workout

Just look how amazing 48-year-old Victoria Beckham looks after her morning workout

Daily exercise is the secret to the designer’s slimness. Just look how amazing 48-year-old Victoria Beckham looks after her morning workout It is impossible not to admire the figure of Victoria Beckham. She looks great in a classic pantsuit or slips dress, in which she was at the wedding of her eldest son Brooklyn with Nicola Peltz -Beckham, and in a sports uniform that emphasizes her perfect body. In numerous interviews, Victoria said that she was actually inclined to be overweight, so there is always sport in her life. In addition, she spends every morning at the gym. Sometimes she works out on her own, and sometimes she is accompanied by personal trainer Bobby Rich. By the way, he also trains Victoria’s husband, 46-year-old David Beckham. So who is also in excellent physical shape?

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Victoria once admitted that, in her opinion, only hard, exhausting workouts can give a great result. Looking at the toned figure of 48-year-old Victoria, it’s hard to disagree with her. The star does not often share workout photos with fans, but each such picture collects thousands of enthusiastic comments and likes. This time,  Mrs. Beckham limited herself to a series of stories; she lay exhausted on the simulator in one of the photos. One could see the designer’s slender legs, flat stomach, and pumped arms in this position. Victoria is no stranger to strenuous exercise, with the laborious exercise system she does every morning, spending two hours sweating until 5.30 am, or 6 am.

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For this workout, Victoria chose a black sports top and leggings, and special gloves were put on her hands for working with weight. Of course, the designer was without makeup, and her hair was gathered in a low, careless bun – her classic beauty look for training. Despite his simplicity, Beckham looked stunning.

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