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16 And Pregnant Star Jordan Cashmyer Dies Age 26

MTV series “16 and Pregnant” star Jordan Cashmyer has died at the age of 26. The cause of her death has not been released, but her mother confirmed her death in a Facebook post. She previously struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues. The couple had been homeless since she was 16, and Derek Taylor assigned custody of Evie to his mother.

A death announcement has been made regarding the death of the 16 And Pregnant star Jordan CashMyer. According to reports, the actress was found dead in her apartment on January 16, 2022. She had been suffering from addiction and had even attempted suicide. The cause of death has not been released, but her death was confirmed by her father on Facebook. Her boyfriend, Derek Taylor, had been a drug addict and had made numerous attempts on his life. After his failed suicide attempt, Cashmyer became addicted to heroin.

A death report was released today, confirming that Jordan Cashmyer died at age 26. The medical examiner did not release a cause of death. The actress first appeared on the MTV franchise in 2014 with her boyfriend Derek Taylor, and they later got pregnant together. The relationship between the two turned out to be toxic, and the couple was kicked out of their parents’ home when she refused to stop seeing him. The couple had no relatives or friends to take them in, and she gave birth to their daughter, Evie Shae Taylor.

The death of the sixteen and pregnant star has shocked the MTV audience, and many fans are mourning the loss of a beloved character. The reality show has portrayed the trials and tribulations of young people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The show also exposed the harsh realities of homelessness, which led to the premature death of both Jordan and her daughter, Valerie Fairman.

The death of Jordan Cashmyer has shocked the MTV audience. The actress’ death comes only a week after her girlfriend, Valerie Fairman, died in an overdose. Her mother has revealed that she was unable to find a job or get a decent home. Sadly, this young actress, who was only twenty-six, passed away at the age of 26.

The tragic news comes just a few days after Valerie Fairman, another 16 And Pregnant star, passed away. Her family did not approve of her relationship with Derek Taylor, and they essentially denied their daughter’s pregnancy. The couple lived in a van in the woods. They also had a daughter, Evie Shae Taylor. She was a single mom with no family to support her.

Her death is a shock to fans of the reality show. She was reportedly addicted to drugs and had attempted suicide in the past. Her family did not support her in her struggles and her life was overshadowed by her addiction. It took a lot to overcome her obstacles, but she was determined to succeed. In spite of her struggles, she managed to have a daughter.

The actress appeared in the hit television show “16 and Pregnant” in 2014. Her relationship with Derek Taylor was controversial and her family disapproved of her pregnancy. After the show, her family decided to step in and take care of her daughter. It is unclear what the cause of death was. She was also in a relationship with her boyfriend Derek Taylor when she died. The show lasted for a long time, and she was in a very strong relationship with her actor.

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Her death comes just days after the death of her co-star Valerie Fairman. She was found unconscious in the bathroom of her friend’s home and was later pronounced dead. The medical examiner has not revealed the cause of her death. After Cashmyer’s death, the cast and crew of the show are mourning her passing. It is not known whether she was the victim of a suicide or a drug overdose.

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