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Jason Momoa saved Amber Heard during the Johnny Depp Trial

Jason Momoa save Amber Heard

How Jason Momoa saved Amber Heard’s ‘Aquaman’ job amid Johnny Depp trial

Jason Momoa Amber Heard Johnny Depp

“Aquaman” the actor, Jason Momoa, has reportedly lobbied for an embattled Amber Heard to keep her part in the film’s coming sequel.

Former producer and current industry expert and consultant Kathryn Arnold took the stand on Monday as a witness for Heard during her trial involving the ex of her marriage to Johnny Depp.

She claimed that the red-wigged Heard role was meant to represent Her “star has been born” moment, but that the actress was eliminated off from “Aquaman 2” due to problems concerning Johnny Depp, 58.

Arnold added that the sole reason Heard retained her job was because Momoa 42 and Director James Wan, 45, “committed to her” and were “adamant” that she was included in the film in The Daily Mail.

Heard that she was 36 and was trained for five hours every day for a period of several months, before receiving a letter by a costume designer her position was “dismissed.”

Arnold who was with Heard prior to the test in the testimony, stated that his character, Mera, was going to be the “strong romantic arc throughout the film, and some fantastic action scenes” prior to the time that her action scenes had to be “cut off” and her part was “radically diminished.”

On Thursday the actor’s Agent, Jessica Kovacevic, stated that she was informed that the role was close to being changed due to her “lack of the chemistry” with Momoa but she believed that it was due to her reputation for being a bad one.

Arnold added that “Game of Thrones” actor Momoa was able negotiate his pay for the sequel film from about three million up to fifteen million.

Heard received the exact $2 million amount was stated in her first interview, Arnold said, adding that the actress in question could have had the opportunity to negotiate a deal for as much as $6 million.

They like her work, but they aren’t able to collaborate with her since every when she’s mentioned, the negativity heats out again.” Arnold said of Heard’s “very negative” image.

Arnold stated that, over the course of five years, Heard could have made up to $4 million per film, although it may have exceeded the amount and reached $20 million.

What Happened Before the trial!

Depp has confirmed that Moss and Depp continue to be close to each other until this day.

Kate Moss Jonnhy Deep

Kate Moss is expected to ask to testify as a counter-party witness by his lawyers during the ongoing court case. That is currently taking place between Depp, and his former wife Amber Heard, a source close to Depp informs CNN.

Depp has filed suit against Heard in a $50-million lawsuit, alleging that an article she wrote for The Washington Post defamed him. She claims that the piece that did not reference his name inaccurately depicted Heard as a sexy abuser.

Amber Heard has that he had been sued by Depp with a claim of $100,000, alleging that the statements made by his lawyer declaring her allegations of abuse to be a “hoax” was defamatory.

Heard has stated on the stand that she thought immediately about rumours about Moss at the Time. Amber Heard and her sibling were involved in an alleged altercation with Depp.

“He hit Whitney and I’d heard of a whisper, a vague idea about it,” Heard testified on May 17.

In a 1998 Rolling Stone article, Depp said during his conversations with the author Hunter S. Thompson, “I was with Kate, and I believe that he was going into the romance jugular. He was asking me how much I beat her up enough. I think I told him that she’s a tough hitter.'”

The Depp team did not comment on that 1999 Rolling Stone quote.

Who is Kate Moss

Katherine Ann Moss (born January 16 1974) is a British model and businesswoman. Her arrival was towards the end of the “supermodel period” Moss rose to notoriety in the 1990s as part of the heroin chic fashion trend. In partnership with Calvin Klein, her collaborations led to her being at the forefront of fashion.

Kate Moss’s fame is based on the waifish model and her role in the realm of size Zero fashion. Moss has launched her clothing line and has also had a hand in music projects, and she is an editor of style for British Vogue.

She ranked 2nd on Forbes’s most-successful model list, earning an estimated $9.2 million over one year. The recognitions she’s received for her modelling are the 2012 British Fashion Awards acknowledging her contributions to fashion for the past 25 years, and Time declared her one of the 100 most influential individuals in 2007.

Who is Johnny Depp

John Christopher Depp (born on June 9 1963) is an American actor and producer and a, musician, and painter. He has been awarded many awards, such as a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, and nominated for 3 Academy Awards and two BAFTAs.


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