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How You Guys Can Stop The Spam Calls On Your iPhone

Spam Calls

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Hey, guys, how you all doing so today I’ll tell you about how you can stop the Spam calls on your iPhone. I am going to show you a simple way to improve your iPhone hands-on iOS. For simple step that you can take to improve the experience on your iOS device annoying things that. I’m sure many of you have had to deal with is our robocalls those calls from random places that are just there to annoy you to try and offer you sometimes share. To some random place or try to get your opinion on something they just come in all the time. And it gets very annoying and I know that the government. The FCC is working on a way to curb those ridiculous robocalls and there are many options often with the carriers particularly in the United States.

To curb those robocalls but there is a simpler step you can take a very quick. And easy step so let’s check and see what that’s all about your iPhones launch the Settings app. And I’m gonna scroll down until I get to the phone I’ll tap on the phone and you see some information here about your phone it’s got you know your number. Weather calls should announce some options for Wi-Fi calling calls on other devices etc. But the most important step is one that added. Recently to iOS and that is call silencing and blocked contacts this is the feature, Duch.

Spam calls

Let’s go ahead and read what it says this says that calls from unknown numbers will silence sent to voicemail and displayed on the recent. List so when you turn on this feature if the number that is calling you is not in your contacts is not a recent outgoing call or is not a serious suggestion. And more on that in a moment then it will automatically silence the call and send it to voicemail and then you can see in your recent list.

Spam Calls

Within the phone app that that number has so instead of those robocalls being able to get through. And say you’re playing a game or you’re in a zoom call or whatever you happen to be doing on your phone those will not be interrupted by ridiculous calls. From people, you don’t want to hear from any way that is why I love this feature by turning. That on it will automatically silence calls Turning it off again will bring those calls back but by golly once you turn on this feature.

I don’t know why you’d want to turn it back off again now let’s talk about Siri suggestions. So introduced Siri a long time ago with the iPhone 4s. And with that came the voice assistant that we know today whether we love or hate that voice assistant is you know up for. So this is how you can stop Spam calls on iPhone.

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