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How You Guys Can Set-Up Your New iPhone Settings

How to setup a new iPhone

Hey, guys today I’ll tell you how you can set up your iPhone for the first time. So first press on the power button on the side here presses and hold and this will switch up. I’ll switch on the phone for the first time so just wait for the phone to boot up. This won’t take long also I hope you enjoy your iPhone crow. If this is the first time you got and if you just got it for the first time. You should be able to enjoy it so here you will see the hello screen swipe up. And then tap on English I’ll choose a language that you want to use. That is English and I’m going to choose my region.

Face I.D

Then tap on set up manually enter on continued then at this point you can set up face ID. If you wanted to otherwise you can type on to set up later in settings here go. And ahead and put in a password or a passcode now you can turn on the past card options. And here you can choose a custom alphanumeric code you could choose a custom numeric code.

Activate Device

For the cheeked four-digit numeric code or don’t use a passcode at all I’m going to choose don’t use the passcode. Adults, you make this easy and I just don’t use the passcode. Next so okay now we want to be able to transfer all we store data from iCloud backup. From Mac or PC or move data from Android or don’t transfer data or app at all so now depending on. If you have an older iPhone or if you want to move data from Android so depending on what you want to do so. If you have an iPhone 7 and if you have how back up all your data to the cloud you can. Then we store your phone so if you haven’t done so make sure you go to your iPhone. And back up to the cloud and then from here, you stole from the iCloud backup. Oh if you want you can also restore from the PC as well okay so for each of these articles I’m going to choose don’t transfer apps. And data and in here you can put in your Apple ID or you can skip altogether. This is totally the choice you can if you want you to sign in to your iCloud you can put in your Apple ID. Email so at that point you can also sign in now if you scroll down slow down to the bottom.


You can see you can use a different app or are days for our clouds in iTunes so it’s kind of ask you can you use them. Yes, you can sign in to your iCloud on one account and you can sign into iTunes. With another account so inhere I’m going to skip the app I did I can do that lighting setting. And then tap on the setup letter in settings and then on don’t use and. Then turn on continued then tap on so if you want to use I Message and Face Time you can turn on. Continued or you can turn on not now and I’m about location services this will allow you to use GPS. And for example, if you want to use maps or any Google Maps you’re going to be able to need to use location services. So I’m going to turn on so tap on enable location services and then do you want to use Siri.


Or not Siri can help you a lot using voice command. So I would recommend you use Siri set on continued and then we say hi Siri hey Siri hi Siri sent a message hi Siri has the weather. Today hi Siri set a timer for three minutes hi Siri play some music so at this stage all we do is research want. To train Siri to understand and remember our voice so it’s basically learning our pitch the voice in our mouth. And so once it’s ready just tap on the continue button and in here screen time.


Do you want just enough screen time basically to control how much time you spend on your device? It will give you a warning if you spending too much time on the screen. You can go through this in settings. So I want to tap on set up letters in settings and then finally you can choose to share with Apple. About your iPhone usage so if you don’t want to reveal your privacy’s then just tapping on talk share. Don’t share and true tone display iPhone automatically adapts to ambient lighting conditions. In my colors appear consistent in different environments. so see without shoot on display so just on continuous so this is something new to the iPhone. I haven’t seen this before so I’m just going on turn on continuing and then again this is new to the iOS 13. You could choose a light theme or dark themes it’s really up to your personal your own taste. So by default, it is set to light so you could choose that team and ask them if you like well. You could choose a light so it’s your choice and then turn on continued and then turn on continued. And then tap on continue again so switch between recent apps swipe up further from the bottom. Edge then release do you show your recent apps so just give you some information.


 iPhone Themes

How you can use the device quickly access controls so swipe down from the top-right edge to open the control center. Press and hold on the control to reveal more options continue. Now after that you can go ahead and put in the SIM card into your phone can you use the phone it uses a nano-SIM. So here’s the SIM tray on the side and there. It is this is the same trade it’s actually quite thick. Now compared to before so this is the sim trade and that’s how you can insert or remove a SIM card once you in here. You can also set up mail if you want to immediately you smell you can tap. On mail to set up in here you can use iCloud Google Yahoo Outlook plus other services. To set up email first time you can go to Face Time now if you have signed into iCloud. Then you’ll be able to sync contacts on to your phone it will do that automatically. If provided on your own phone that you already have to sink your contacts to the iCloud and once you sign in issue.

Camera Set-up

You should be able to the phone to automatically download your contact information down to your phone. Just give it some time for all the data to sync to your phone even photos and all other stuff. That you think to your iCloud it will automatically slowly sink down to your phone and. What other things so after that you can basically make holes click on the phone icon to make holes you can tap on messages. Just start messaging so here you can create your own memory emoji so here you can do that later. So I’m just going to set up that’s messages camera so with the iPhone camera allow the camera to access your locations. I’ll just choose don’t allow for now new in-camera capture outside the frame see the capture the area outside the frame of the photos. To record videos to improve conversations and new shutter button tap and hold to the shutter to recut a quick video. Drag the shutter to the left for the best shot so it just gives you some information.


So tap and hold to make quick videos as you can see and if we tap and hold and then tap to the left to make the quick best shot. So I’m trying that doesn’t seem to work so if I have to the left it just kind of like take recorded videos. Instead, so it’s still left not to the right so soft for some reason I keep thinking it’s the right so just to act the buttons. Do the left you take pleasure there you go so let’s see how far it goes up to so thus. I don’t think we have a stop so let’s go on up to the hundred photos already in for best shots so that’s the camera right.

Finish Up

There and you can basically changing the camera lens so there’s a camera lens. Now, so you can basically just dragon that to change the zoom in/out and that’s basically automatically. Switch between different cameras as you zoom in or out so that’s the camera there. And then you got photos in here there are photos so in photos, you can view the full suite. That’s the photos that you have recently capture then you got maps so you can use maps straight away. Reminders notes in news and app stores if you go to app stores unity sign in. To iTunes, if you sign in to I Cloud and you should be automatically signed into iTunes. And from there you can download apps to your phone and start using it and that’s it.

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