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How You Guys Can Mirror Your iPhone To a Roku Stick

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Hey Guys how are you all So maybe you’re in a situation where you want to mirror your iPhone your I Pad or your Mac to a Roku stick. Well, today I’m going to tell you the step by step process in how to do this. This is a Roku Express plus and how you can mirror any type of Apple device to your TV. Making it very easy for productivity or you know maybe just wanted to get some bigger screen. Real estate whenever you’re watching something on your iPad your iPhone or if you’re working off of your MacBook. Now So guys can use a Roku stick to achieve the screen mirroring process. .This isn’t the cheapest Roku stick here this is the Roku Express plus.

They do have one it’s a little cheaper I’ll tell you why I prefer this one instead of the cheaper ones. This one here it has a remote that it’s got a power button on it so you can turn your TV on and off and on aside, you can control the volume. I’d like to do that all with one remote so. Now I do have other higher tier Roku sticks but you don’t need that to achieve. What I’m looking to get this TV here is a 1080 HD TV. It’s not your 4k or your quiet or anything like that so it’s kind of a cheaper on TV.

Roku Stick

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But it does broadcast in 1080 HD so I didn’t need those extra tiered Roku. However, you say I didn’t need those extra highly popular in 4k streaming. So the first thing you’re gonna want to do is grab your remote. And grab your iPhone your iPad or your Mac device. So we’re on the Roku screensaver screen we’re gonna go ahead and hit home.

It will take you the home screen first thing you want to do is go over to the settings bar over. Here on the left-hand side and you’re gonna want to make sure. That you’re on the latest system settings software so you’re gonna go to system. And you’re gonna go to system update right there. Go back home go to settings okay go down to the system and then you’re gonna go over here to screen mirroring. Then click over alright so it takes you to a screen mirroring. It says promptly so that way when a device tries to cast your TV or screen it prompts on your TV screen. Will ask you to confirm or you can go to always allow so that when a device tries to cast your TV screen.

Photos & Videos

It will automatically be connected or you can go to never allow so it what we’re trying to achieve on this. Two screens mirroring so we want either prompt or always allow we go ahead select problem. Next up you’re going to want to go to your Apple device here. And then download the Roku app if you haven’t got that installed already go ahead and download that we’ll open it now. It says easily cast your photos video and audio to a connector Roku device on here. Just so you know this is like the as soon as you open it up this was kind of like a heavy screen. But down here on the bottom right there are media. And then that brings up this screen here mirror so we’re gonna go ahead and hit connect. This much only for today…

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