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How to Rank Higher on Google: 5 Tips

The global digital advertising market is predicted to be worth $786.2 Billion in 2026. This colossal figure makes it clear that companies are investing heavily in their online presence. One of their main aims will be to rank higher on Google.

With so much competition now and in the future, how can you rank higher on Google? Well, in this quick guide, we have five clear tips that will help you get higher in the Google search engine page results (SERPs).

Read on if you want to gain more traffic from search engines and expand your online influence. We’ll also let you know about a handy free tool that can help you achieve this!

1. Do an SEO Audit

One of the best ways to check on your current Google rankings is to carry out an SEO audit of your website. By doing this, you will also begin to learn how you can rank higher in the SERPs.

There are plenty of SEO tools out there to help you get started, including this free tool. You should also make use of Google Search Console Tools and SEMrush Site Audit is a solid option to consider.

2. Get Your Site Architecture in Order

To improve your Google rank, one of the first things you can do is get your site architecture in order. Your site architecture is all about how you structure your pages and a few other things too.

At the very least, you should submit your sitemap to Google. You should also think about using structured data on your website. Structured data helps Google create Rich Snippets on its SERPs. If you have structured data, you may have a better chance of ranking higher.

3. Choose Relevant Keywords

When you realize how powerful keywords are for ranking high on Google, you’ll dedicate more time to researching them. There are a few ways to find good keywords.

You can use Google Keyword Planner. Plus, there are many other reputable keyword planners out there like SEMrush’s keyword planning tool.

4. Create New Content

Ranking high on Google will always involve you creating fresh content. Google wants to display up-to-date and high-quality info.

If you are not putting out new content, your competitors will gain the upper hand. Blog posts are a great way to keep pushing out new content.

5. Create High Authority Backlinks

If you want loads of traffic from search engines, high authority backlinks are the way forward! This is where you get high domain authority websites to link to your site.

It seems Google really likes to see these sorts of links to websites. If they recognize such links going to your site, they will rank your content higher.

Use These Tips to Rank higher on Google

To rank higher on Google, you should make use of all the amazing tools on offer these days to do so. If you don’t cut corners, you’ll eventually find that your efforts should pay off.

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