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How to Draw Cloud – An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

How to Draw Cloud

Drawing is a visual art form that does not only involve drawing using a pencil. Rules of perspective, shadowing, proportion, and many more. Drawing is a skill, but talent still plays a role in how quickly or how good you can get at it at any given time.

Drawing gives you many benefits for a better life. It increases increased self-confidence and expanded understanding of what’s possible.

How To Draw a Cloud with A Pencil?

Drawing a realistic luminous cloud is important to any landscape drawing. The drawing will look really flat if your landscape does not have a nice fluffy cotton-like cloud. Some of the most skillfully executed drawings utilize a technique that includes no blending whatsoever, only positive mark-making.

What materials do you need?

Use a simple graphite pencil or use a good range of H and B pencils to shade your sketch.

How Do You Draw a Cloud:

In drawing a cloud you need shading pencils and a way to draw. Here we have elaborated on how to draw a cloud. This step-by-step tutorial makes it easy to draw a cloud.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start with outlining the clouds with a light pencil (2H,3H)

Step 2: Start Shading the outlined area of sky, not the outlined cloud.

Step 3: Once the shading is complete, now start blending.

Step 4: To give a realistic touch to the cloud, draw shapes inside the cloud and erase the outline sketches.

Step 5: Blend the shading with cotton to make the cloud look more real. Work on the contrast to give the effects of natural light around the cloud.

How Do You Draw a Cloud In Sketch? Things to keep in mind:

  1. Use light pencil strokes because clouds are soft and fluffy/wispy
  2. Use general shapes
  3. Don’t trace and don’t make margin lines.
  4. Don’t make them look too perfect or else they will look fake
  5. Use a darker shade of pencil for the sky
  6. Use square grids which are the best and are great for accuracy
  7. Bleed cloud at certain edges because clouds are not always opaque.
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