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How to Avoid Making an Instagram Fail

Did you know that the average person spends close to 29 minutes each day on Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there and with good reason. You have the option to share stories with your followers or to post permanent content on your profile. If you’re planning on using Instagram for business then it’s vital that you avoid a costly Instagram fail.

Little things that might not seem like a big deal, such as posting too much on Instagram or using too many hashtags could cause people to tune out your profile. The good news is that you’ve found the right resource to learn more about the biggest Instagram mistakes that you should avoid if you don’t want to have a bad Instagram account.

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Excessive Hashtag Use

One of the mortal sins of using Instagram for business is using too many hashtags on your posts. It’s normal to want to categorize your posts so that people will have an easier time finding them but too many hashtags will take away from the overall look of your post.

Using too many hashtags is counterintuitive since you’ll end up reaching a smaller audience rather than a large one. A good rule of thumb to make the most of Instagram hashtags is to use fewer than 30 per Instagram post. You will see a decrease in engagement with followers if you’re going over the 30 allowed hashtags.

The best approach to take if you plan on using hashtags and avoiding an Instagram fail is to find popular hashtags that relate to the content that you’re posting. Try to use a few hashtags that boost your profile’s SEO.

Random Posting Times

Another Instagram fail that you should seek to avoid is posting content at random times. The best social media accounts and brands take the time to come up with a content calendar to ensure that they’re posting at proper increments. You need to make sure that you’re posting your content when your target audience is active if you want to get a lot of engagement.

Posting at random points in the day won’t increase your follower base and it will make it more difficult to get likes on your content. The best strategy is to combine automatic insta likes with organic likes from your target audience by posting at times of peak Instagram traffic. Posting at the right time will help your posts gain a ton of traction.

Low-Quality Instagram Posts

The main purpose of Instagram is to share video and photographic content with your followers. You’re wasting your time and setting yourself up for a bad Instagram by posting low-quality videos or photos. The odds are low that someone will take the time to watch a video that has a poor quality to the end.

The goal is to post content that is beautiful and that creates an emotional connection with your followers. Avoid posting blurry or shaky photos and videos if you want to avoid these common Instagram mistakes. Posting beautiful and clear content will create a nice atmosphere for your followers, and it will increase the odds of your content getting shared with others.

Not Keeping a Theme

One of the biggest signs of a successful Instagram account for business is a consistent theme with the content that you’re posting. The topics should all be related to the goods or services that your business provides, but you should also try to stay consistent with the filters and effects that you use.

Posting pictures that aren’t relevant to the goods or services that you provide will confuse your followers. It’s also a great way to reduce your credibility. The Instagram users that explore your page will feel confused and lost if you’re not consistent with the content that you post.

Posting Too Much On Instagram

Many new brands make the mistake of posting too much on Instagram thinking that it’s the best way to get their content in front of millions of users. Posting too much will have the opposite effect and will come off as spammy to your target audience. Odds are that you’ll annoy or irritate your followers which could lead to them unfollowing your account.

Posting too much will also result in an Instagram fail because Instagram will limit the number of people that see your content. If you need to upload a lot of content at one time then you should look to add all of the pictures or videos into one post. Instagram won’t punish your account and will help you make the most of Instagram psychology by posting a lot of engaging and exciting content.

Failing to Respond to Comments

The worst thing you can do if you’re planning to use Instagram for business is to fail at responding to comments on your content. The primary purpose of Instagram is for social media interaction and engagement. If you fail to respond to comments on your content then odds are that your target audience will feel unseen and unappreciated.

Your goal for posting content is to keep your followers informed of the things that your brand is doing and to engage with and grow your follower base. The job isn’t completed when you post the content. You need to interact with any followers that ask questions or seek more information.

You’re going to lose a lot of followers if you fail to get back to them when they try to interact with your business. It’s a bad Instagram practice that you should avoid at all costs.

Take Steps to Avoid an Instagram Fail for Your Business

Instagram is a great tool for any business that is looking for ways to reach a large audience, but the last thing that you want is to become an Instagram fail. Always take the time to reply to any questions that your followers ask, and avoid going overboard with hashtags. Most of all, avoid posting too much on Instagram and maintain a common theme with your content.

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